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March 13, 2007 Tuesday Untitled

Nothing to see here.
5:19 PM I got back. It was a short time at the gym. Then I just happened to find out about a Science FAir. I spent some time walking amoung the projects and thinking back to when I wanted to my science fair ideas. I was reminded of old projects I had done. When I saw the carbon arc lamp, and even the power from trees thing. Even when I left that I walked into E.O.P. and said hi to a few people. Liz was elsewhere but I visited her too. And found out that Kristina's mom had died last week. My jaw dropped when I heard the news. I felt like I had to do something for Kristina. I didn't know what. Something. ... man, i'm tired and weak and hungry. Gotta eat. 8:36 PM Perfect example of a movie I'm not saving.


Anonymous said...

A movie featuring the Fox! I am so pleased. Like a cousin of a cameo, twice removed. :)

Viannah said...

Tell me about the foxie on the whiteboard!!!


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