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What did I do today?

March 24, 2007 Saturday 1:33 PM What did I do today?

Bolo Ball? I've played this once before.
Kept trying to figure out the physics.

11:45 PM
What did I do today?
Good question.
Thanks for asking. (coming to the page is something to do with that)

Got up.

Bought Blue Screen Supplies $114 Dollars. yikes.
Cleaned Garage
Recyled stuff (got 2 bucks well, it's a start)
Made Dinner for Joy
She napped, I did landry.
Tended Garden.
Wrote widget for Joy (promised to update it later)
Felt like a lot.
Only problem is homework is yet to be done.
Will type for CoMM 108 first.

"Every day is a pebble waiting to be rounded"

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