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Helpful 12 year old

April 30, 2007 Monday Helpful 12 year old

Tired. I'm missing my posting
times way to often these days.
And I'm worried I may have flubbed
a DCG course and will have to take
a different one to fill it's position.
That is quite a fumble.
And I'm irrated about it.

It's almost like at times like
these... I really wish I would have
helped myself out in the past.
Like I'm trying to remember if
I got one of the assignments
signed but not turned in... and I 
think my brain is merely fabricating
the memory of it because I really
'want' to believe that I had done
it so that I wouldn't have to 
scramble now. 

4:16 PM

-- later

The search for peace contiunes.
Peace as in peace of mind that I have
a comfortable place to live.
I'd like to note the ungodly messed up
ness of rental applications.

this search is going 'swimingly' 

What I realize?
You want to know what I realize about
searching for a place to live?
Someone always has to get the short straw
or find out to late that they are losing their place
or if you do a favor by mentioning a place
to a friend they might 'take it'

Go figure the whole thing is a mess.
This aspect of the 'free market' could stand
some better organization.

What I've really learned?
This ordeal has shown me
I would much rather look for someone to move in than
to to have to find  a place


"You give my kisses meaning."

"You are an oasis in the desert that is my life.

SIDENOTE: Critisim at point blank range. ... I met a very helpful 12 year old kid out near the Peckwick apartments. I biked all over looking, no hunting, for phone numbers to call places. And to associate locations with things. It was like out of a movie.... when I rode in to those apartments. Didn't know there were so many little kids there. The air even smelled like summer I had once. I wonder why? ... Oh, the restaurants closed... oh that's okay you were the one that was hungry.


Entry Missing

April 29, 2007 Sunday Entry Missing

I have a hint of palilalia 
as I found this is associated with Tourettes.


Housing Headaches

April 28, 2007 Housing Headaches

Top 5 Things I'm learning from having to find a place to live. 1. Absolutely no one returns your calls that you leave as messages on land lords machines. 2. Paying for a housing list will most likely get you results 'if' you can get out to pick up the applications. 3. Cheaper living is found at uncomfortable distances away. (I somehow knew it before I witnessed just how much this mattered.) 4. School work is difficult but 'much' more difficult when your concerned with living somewhere. 5. I get sick when my stress level doesn't dip for days on end.
Josh left me a very enterinating comment. Least I thought.
12:55 PM Maybe I have it all wrong. Maybe these times are exciting. Maybe these are the times in which you grow. Maybe it builds character? yuck. I can't belive I wrote that. Old joke So keyboard layouts 'were' to speed things up. Go figure. why QWERTY? Mouse Brain? on Computer? Mouse Brain


After the fact.

April 27, 2007 After the fact.

[Written the next day]

I had gotten up and had those
familiar worries return to me.
Where was I going to live?
Don't know.
I get dressed. I eat. 
I go to class all the while that
familiar static like a hammer on
my head. The great aches of my life
each share a common love of shredding
my nerves while school looms over
in its boxing corner ready to take
its toll on my heart. 

I finish class in a daze and wait
sadly and nervously at the library 
circle. [Maybe I should write about
locations so people know where stuff is?]
The cars come and go and I look down
while feeling how cold the wind is on this
ironically sunny day.

Things pick up though as my future roomate
and I drive to purchase a list and then
go out to eat. The foods good and its
nice to be calling places and driving out
to get applications. 
Though the list is a bit old (things are already
taken) we manage to see one of the places in 
person. Just from outside of course but the
neighbers are nice and its right next to
the storage place. 

Regardless, we still do not know where 
we will wind up.
I do know it was a very strange day as far
as seeing things. A dozen or so cyclists suddenly biked
out in front of us. The hall way of the storage place
was eerily matrix like in the fact that the doors
were all the same and went down the entire long hall.


Storage Dreams

April 26, 2007 Storage Dreams

notes from earlier

It has been a bad day.

Came across this today though...


When I came to work I found myself computerless and orphaned. New computers have not yet arrived but when they do it will be very nice. .... That is small fries compared to what I have discovered in my COMM 309 class. I have completed the units inthe wrong order when I didn't realize I couldn't skip one. This is bad. I am on the mercy of the professor and I figure I can through in one final paper for the class which may not be as hard as I thought... but still. I expect only a D. And now I feel like looking up if a D is passing which I 'think' it is. I think. Better check. Student voting is today. Last day. Will they optain that precious 40%? Or will their toils be lost? Keeping your stuff safe, Keeps my stuff safe 4:43 PM Even in the midst of agony I have spontaneous ideas. It's those times when things just fall into place. These moments of inspiration are rare and when they come they are things to be respected. I realize, after having been at the storage place just the other day. That the storage business is essentialy risk free and easy to manage. I realize that it would take a lot of start up capital but once started (depending on location) it would have a nice shot of being a good stable money maker while providing a service to those whom need it. It would make for quite an attractive business plan due to its low risk nature. As well as for things like this I know I can differentiate from other storage services with a variey of useful and helpful organization and robotic technologies. ... I stood in the middle of the Founders Quad as this all hit me. I laughed.. And would repeatiy mutter below my breath, "I'll be damned, it's the most perfect low risk business" It require a minijmu of human attendence while having a option to contractily recover loses in the form of accutions should someone not be able to pay. That would probaibly mean getting many more times the worth of the stuff in the unit regardless. I was simply impressed at the cleaness of the idea. At the secuirty that could ensue. At the trend of setting up a chain. I was impressed.
Dr. or No Dr. Credential or None All are equal in the eyes of observation.


Science Project

April 25, 2007 Science Project

I'm familiar with a familiar kind of syndrome.
Actually, I know it as the "We'll do something later"
but really we won't get to. I wish I could
respond to these people with a new statement.

I know we met and spoke of doing things.
I mean like building, creating or making
stuff. And I know you exist, and would like
to remind you that I know you exist so that
someday in the future I'll remember (her or him)
and be able to pick up were we left off.
While it is regretful that I can not meet with
you yet I want you to know that it is 'always'
still possible in the future. 
So please do not think I have ever forgotten.

Many people are in this camp with me.
It is worrisome but necessary for now...
I would help that things can be made better
in the future.

note I forgot du
a command that talks about disk usage 


I'm told a long time ago.
"The law, unfourntantly, is retroactive"
In other words you gotta have something
happen before they can take care of something,

I had no idea HSU has so many technial problems.
It's sort of amazing that things run at all.
At work today I found a file called womenslib.php
and it redirected you to womens liberation
wiki page. ... coders are a funny crowd.

I take the time to make sure people I care about are okay. I mean the tender people. I can't write much on the issue. Least I like to think I"m considerate but I'm told that sometimes I'm oblivious and I don't mean to be. My apologies in that case. [Look Closer]
Oh better notes, I'm happy to have gotten to work on an old school science project. Helping was easy once my headache dissipated. Weighing them. Taking data. Looking skender. Or maybe she is looking at someone. See more pictures here.


Grace Under Fire

April 24, 2007 Grace Under Fire

I can not afford the time to think.
I must accomplish my tasks and keeping
an eye on the time constraints is going
to be key. 


For my own information I 
am getting much better at navigating
via only command windows and 
Mac OS X hot keys.

usr_21.txt and usr_22.txt
are important help files for vi

help file_explorer

What I find interesting is the fact that had
I not bought the Snapz Software I wouldn't
have been able to get the address question
right on the credit card question for the
storage unit. Isn't that spot of luck?

I hear approixmalty 200 people are homeless
in Arcata and Eureka. And they are being
criminalized as police violate human rights.

I saw Candice whom is staying for summer which reminds me Tricia is staying for summer Which reminded me that Rosie wanted to hang out at least once before the semester is over. I saw Liz today... She said stuff to me. I'm told that it's going to be really bad this time with many extra people (1000)+ looking for housing. ... ack better things to write later. Like something where the title will have full meaning. Ta


Troubled Thoughts and Times

April 23, 2007 Troubled Thoughts and Times

At work we have all received a note about
professionalism and making sure to work 
during work. In this time between old coordinators
leaving and new ones coming in this place is 
a bit disorganized. 

9:36 AM
It was really hard to be there yesterday.
When my friend was under such duress.
In times like those... it's hard to be there
but I hear it helps... to some small degree.

Other sad things..
Sad Things
and eyeopening... since that site may die.. I've include
the text here as well... touched 5400 students

As you can see, my website is suddenly very, very different. I have some news that is very sad for me.  I have taught at HSU for 27 years, it has been a central and wonderful feature of my life.  Throughout these many years, I have had a vision of a University -- that it is a place centered around student learning.  Not as a slogan, but the real deal -- opening students up to the incredible intellectual excitement of ideas and exhilarating vistas they have not encountered before.  I have been deeply honored to aid this process as a professor here.  In this idealistic vision I have, administrators exist solely to aid professors in doing the best job they can in encouraging true student learning.

For many years HSU was amazingly close to my ideals, but now something distinctly different has arrived.  I now have administrators -- Dean James Howard and President Rollin Richmond, who do not share my view of their roles.  They bring a corporate viewpoint to our campus -- they view themselves as "management," and they believe themselves to be the only true seers of how HSU should function.  Although they mouth words like "student learning" their actions instead clearly speak of personal agendas concerning output from their "employees" (faculty).  Their understanding of student learning is spotty.

These men are not evil. I believe they truly think they are acting correctly.  But power is a double-edged sword.  They believe theirs is the only true vision of HSU -- their power-blinded egos regard input from faculty and students as something to be managed, not listened to.  This leads them to make blunder after blunder.  It's the old hubris game.

I love teaching my courses, but my interactions with Misters Howard and Richmond leave me less than joyful.  These men have never understood the essence of dear Humboldt State, and they are apparently unable to listen to others expressing the magical Humboldt Spirit.  I seek joy, rather than more years of witnessing Howard's and Richmond's harm.  I have decided, regretfully, to leave HSU.

For those of you who know me personally, have taken my courses, and who are wondering what I'll be doing . . .
well that answer is very clear to me.  Although my spiritual path has occupied a prominent role in my life, the 70+ hour workweeks I put in consistently at HSU have been very hard on my Buddhist practice.  Oh, if I were more evolved, then the requirements of my work would *be* my Buddhist practice.  But at my novice level, I have long needed more time for meditation, yoga, exercising, centering, and quiet times in our glorious forests and beaches. That's what I'll be up to.

I'd estimate I've taught about 5,400 HSU students in my years here. I hope I've helped at least a dozen or so!

My best wishes to all of you,
Stone Brusca

NIGHT You can't see what's not there, right?


Flask Problems

April 22, 2007 Sunday 3:15 AM Flask Problems

This one is for Daniel....
I bet he never realized just how much I could
pick out of one of his short replys during a
chat session.

Flask Problem
Here's one to try... someone had to do it
somehow. Suppose your charged with the task
of putting that volume scale on the side of
an  Erlenmeyer flasks. That's this kind or this.
How are you going to figure out where to put the marks?
How did they? Do you think they were that dumb and filled 10 ml or some
incremnt of volume at a time and marked it?
Surely, such careless disregard for error tolernce would
not pass for any scientific apparatus manufacture.
So what do you do?

I know what I did. It turned out to be a interesting problem.
I even messed up interestingly. (in doing so I found a line is a line
'or a function' no matter how you turn it) I didn't even have
to redo the cacluations. 
The calculus wasn't too bad ethier. I managed not to have to 
cube anything.

I like the problem because someone had to solve it.
It is a nice example of calculus and a moderately
interesting equation.

I could even dig out my old flask and measure the 
base and neck and put tick marks where I think the
water level should go. And validate my reasoning.
I like those situations.

from friends blog

"What metronome give a beat to the universal waltz? And is the pace ever constant? Are we the pace makers?"
(Waxing Philosophical) 11:59 AM The Rise of the Participatory Panopticon Didn't know there was a name for that. Participatory Telemedicine Just found out about this.. MoBlog Being able to remotely post... interesting. It's the missing piece I suppose. ... Whoa Sensory Pigeons, nice touch. Pigeons I suppose this whole place is interesting enough to mark... World Changing Go find the book The Transparent Society? ... 12:52 PM Make this Earth Day your Last
Funny lines from funny movies..

"I'm going to put your away message on permanently"

This day took a turn for the worse when a friend of mine whom I care very dearly about is under extreme duress. And I found out I'm lossing this place anyway.


Protected by Law

April 21, 2007 Saturday 10:56 AM Protected by Law

Soft wrap in BBEdit makes files nicer
to look at when I open them in vim.

Help full CSS Ref

Collection of styled web forms
(I want to revise mine)

While I contemplate a webTech series I am reminded of common 
problems. Or more like misunderstandings.
Such as links don't always go to where they say they go....

<a href="pointsToSomePlace" > Tells you it goes somewhere else </a>

And the whole permissions unix thing when people can't
see their images on the page.

Even the save web page options... web page complete or just plain web page.

12:13 PM
Trying to fix this blogs template is driving me crazy.
I hate this issue. I'm going to have to start completely

12:33 PM
And why the jello is my Just the Movies image not showing up?
It's not like I didn't want an image there.

 Just Movies Please

I'm going to have to edit the template.


"your feelings are not protected by law"

"well. I have low standards, so you have a girlfriend. I wouldn't say it qualifies in an official sense unless both of you agree that your relationship meets your personal standards for the term." (Daniel April 21, 2007)

Correlation Studies Criticism
I've heard it here and there. And especially been
sniffing the reekidness of it's usage in the liberal arts,
in the social sciences. And it's the same thing over and over
Take two sizable factors for which to survey.  Carry out all procedures
in accordance with top statical standards. What do you get?
Well, a correlation that is about as misleading as a map that
says the Earth is flat. Not to say all correlatin plots are
shadey. Just the ones that have factors so far removed from one
another that any correlation someone 'claims' can't possibly hold
Gun violence and Video Game Violence?
Correlation? Sure why not (not that I discount more direct psycho 
studes on behavior exposure) but picking some trend data
and matchnig it to make a postivity correlation is 
a crime agaisn't humanity. 
If anything correlation plots should come with a full warning and
disclaimer about their hidencou potentail to fuel 'socail' debates.
Espeically the ones where someone is arguing 'cause and effect'

... thinking not done... 
[more on the topic someday]

8:41 PM
Privacy under attack, but does anybody care?
Eventually all write the paper on this subject... I've had
ideas about the whole thing since it's inception.
The part about, 
"Psychologists tell us boundaries are healthy, that it’s
 important to reveal yourself to friends, family and lovers
 in stages, at appropriate times."
Caught me a bit. Why do they say that?

More suprisingly,
"Carnegie Mellon privacy economist Alessandro Acquisti
has run a series of tests that reveal people will surrender
 personal information like Social Security numbers just to 
get their hands on a measly 50-cents-off coupon."

Welp, I guess, give America a tax break and take their privacy.

mmm I'm sensing a polical issue for my Gov Instituion course

Is There a Good Response to the "Nothing to Hide" Argument? (Daniel J. Solove)

The most common retort against privacy advocates -- by those in favor of ID checks, cameras, databases, data mining and other wholesale surveillance measures -- is this line: "If you aren't doing anything wrong, what do you have to hide?" " Some clever answers: "If I'm not doing anything wrong, then you have no cause to watch me." "Because the government gets to define what's wrong, and they keep changing the definition." "Because you might do something wrong with my information." My problem with quips like these -- as right as they are -- is that they accept the premise that privacy is about hiding a wrong. It's not. Privacy is an inherent human right, and a requirement for maintaining the human condition with dignity and respect."
.... Did anyone mention the possibility of making the government just as watched by everyone else by laying down a system by which anyone can check on anyone? And how would anyone get away with anything in that case? Sure, privacy would die. But so would pretty much all wrong doing.. given everyone is immediately accountable. Give up something, get something. The in between doesn't sound very favorable to me. So at least mentioning the extreme case might poke out more considerations. Paper on The Eternal Value of Privacy "We stop suddenly, momentarily afraid that our words might be taken out of context, then we laugh at our paranoia and go on. But our demeanor has changed, and our words are subtly altered." ... But maybe in a 'good' way. But the next is agreeable, "Too many wrongly characterize the debate as "security versus privacy." The real choice is liberty versus control." ... the watchers watch the watchers.


Excerpt from 2002

April 20, 2007 Excerpt from 2002

A History of Typewriters

If I wanted to be retro I'd rig a type writer to a 
keyboard's circuits.
Clack clack. Ah yeah.

vim isn't that bad. I'm gradually learning
to use this 'text tool'
And it crosses my mind... I could do a short
series on open source software projects from
user and developer view points.

and docs
g docs

I want this on my wall

whoa US Spending
Since when did Chris world grow so full of links?
It's a absolute disaster? How you ask?
Many factors. 

Excerpts for Old Off line Journals...
Age: 18ish
August 28, 2002 A New Day

I’ll refer to teh case of the mistaken colors. I’ve heard and had this one discussed many times. There fore it must happen a lot to anyone who really starts thinking.
Mmm It goes like this...
When a little pre schooler is taught the colors. You this one is red and this one is blue and that one is green. They learn what the colors “look like” But do they really??? Hense, supose we really all see colors differently. Mabye reds look more bluish to some people but no one really knows. It’s all about how its preciefved. So in some way the little kid learns “these are the colors with these names” and can name and know them right.
So if this is true. We all may see the world totally differently. But...(heres the catch that makes it meaninglus) since we all agree that red is red and green is green and blue is blue no one really cares how you precieve the colors as long as you get the message across. The fact lies more in the comunication of information then the actualy colors.
Off cousre then there is the fact that red is part of a certain spectrum and blue has it’s wave lenght and so forth. That all eyes have to see them teh same way but...they don’t really have to be precieved the same in the brain. Double hense....what the hell does the rainbow really look like?

Pretty strange hub. And then there’s the basic interesting thoughts that still don’t really matter. As in the case of the water and the tire.

Here it goes... say there is a puddle of water on a asphalt road. And a car drives straight thourgh it. How long is the water trail left behind by the tire? And (this is important) AND does the lenght depend on the speed of the tire?
Which is to say....If the car moves faster does it make a longer water trail? Or is the same amount of water spread over the same distance no matter the speed. What about the water that is flung off? Is that any faster at higher speed? And what of all the other factors...temperatur, pressure and humity?
Again, Ultimatly who really cares. After all it’s just a puddle of water and a car.

But one of my all time favs (*short for “favorites”)
Is the Case of the Levitating Top Meter.

Check this out... Take one speacil magnetic top. It can be spun on an ordinary magnet in such a way as to create equilibrium and leviate. It’s really cool and you can get it from the KCET store I think. Anyway, the magnetic feild suports the top and it floats. After many many attempts that is.
So the question is...when you place the whole asseumbly on top of a scale. Will the weight of the base magnet and the top equal the weight of the base magnet and the top when the top is floating above the base???
Un like all the other experiments and ideas discussed this one actually could change the way we think of Space-time and the universal forces of nature. Or not depending on one very simple principle... I believe some guy named Netwon figured that a system in equilibrium must have equal but opposite forces acting on the object with a net force of zero to hold postion.
So I would surmise...(So in other words) the fact that the top is leviating shouldn’t change the weight of the top and magnet just sitting on the scale. In still other words. The magnetic force of the top should be equal to its weight inturn causeing the magnetic force of the base to be repeled with and equal amount of force. EQUALING the top. EVEN if it IS floating. They should cause the scale to read the same.
If this isn’t true... (back to the whole forces of the univeral thing) Then the magnetic feilds some how transfered the force else where. Or nullified the effects of existing gravitation theroy. But off courese I would bet my money on the Newton explaination. I don’t know about you but I prefer my forces to be equal and opposite so that I can remain sitting and relaxing in my comfortable existance.
Now... if one were to place more thought on the situation dictated above you might find certain parrelisms with other things namely when you take a bucket of water and place a heaviy object in it. and put the whole thing on a scale the total force of the system should be equal to the weight of the object and the water wheater or not the thing floats inside. Hense although the object may float nothing was really removed from the system so therefore it weighs the same despite buoyance and displacement...go figure.
*oh on another note I’ve tried doing the top thing... but since my scale was metal... the magnets kind of interfered with the readings. Besides its a major pain to get that top to leviate on demand. So results are inconclusive.

... *by the way three dots like this (...) means thinking
so you know :) ... I think.


Defining Moments

April 19, 2007 Defining Moments

Sometimes, you just gotta dramatize.
In my case, I yelled full volume in front
of a larger lecture hall sparsely full of
The subject?
Well actually, I was looking for a way to
get my point across to a certain individual
in my group.

What was ticking through my head?
I've been repeatedly confronted by an individual
whom keeps talking around in circles every-time
I want him to pin down exactly when and what
he is going to do for the group project.
I have feelings that he his responsible 'enough'
to complete his task. He is the academic type.
But I wish he wouldn't joke about when I ask
definitive questions.
It goes to show I can know him and talk to him
as a mathematician but not coexist in a group
project. Or so it would seem.

It was ingenious in it's way. 
I used social leverage full knowingly how
it might look though I was half joking.
I knew I had to do something and I realized as
I often did... that I have nothing in my 
verbal arsenal to make him do anything.
And suddenly I thought, "Why the hell not?"
And full on turned sort of away from him
and fell to my knees to scream something only
the lines of, "[Name], for the love of god, please
send me the stuff tonight!"
The room goes quite... someone utters 'whoa' and
after a minute or two people return to their own
groups concerns and it's like it never happened.

"Sorry, about the dramatics, but I had to make my
He turns and walks out. 

Hardly. I was a bit shaken but it's good to know
I can do things like that from time to time.
The world had better stop messing with me.
I'm becoming far to confident for its people or its

notes from earlier

Important sql backup command


for restore just run the commands in .sql

"copy and paste is flakey on large buffers so you always want to do file redirection

make sure to install web developer plug in as well.

I really need to improve the look of this 
web page.


Nothing Much

April 18, 2007 Nothing Much

Another useful bit (for the most up to date)

Very strange. "Example of an eyetracking 'heatmap' "
Eye Tracking Study

Though my intention to put 'papers' on line is still with
me I have come accross strange and unsual studies on 
web reading verse traditional reading.
It seems the nature of the writing is different...
which dictates that I must frame any papers placed on the
web as such. Papers. (promo movie for reading? why not?)

11:34 PM
The only software I've had to buy.
Snapx Pro
I forked out 70 bucks. At 'least' it did a good
job doing what is was suppose to do. 
Well done guys. But someday I'll have to write an
open source equivlant.

from earlier...


I should know Ray for later 26 talking to him might
come in handy.

Because Ray had so much trouble with the Xvid
codec.. I decided to make the thing aabile on 
my site for Mac OS X by compiling from source.


are the result of the compile
and I need to make a package installer.

Xvid Qt Compoent
Links Software

Webster comedy sketch

tonights chat between Dad, Joy and I


Papers for the Next Century

April 17, 2007 Papers for the Next Century

[scroll down for real writing]

Rats and Cats

bites again

foot notes
who is sick?
megans law
and Goog earth

It's begining already.
What will you do to make it fair?

8:56 PM
Nice to know... since <center> is no longer used.
<div style="text-align: center;">

Styling input stuff

I'd like to design a style sheet that sort of 'looks like
MLA' but has a few improvements with the use of media enhancments.
Basiclaly if you took the printed page and just added in some
convient citation links, movie embeds and pdf printable versions
as well as files... yeah, I'd like to do that.

My form page should be fixed if anything.

Papers for the Next Century
    A common way to promote one's ideas is via the common
student paper. In these recent times, we are graces with
such standards (by fiat of course) that tell use how we
should (as good citisens of the English language) format
our textual thoughts. If I were to subscribe myself to 
the MLA standards I would have to follow a variety of 
format rules and citation conventions in order to 'properly'
state my case for original thought.
    But upon rethinking of 'the paper' for this classic
age I realize... that the old dead tree print out is
unnecessary even quaintly out dated. Consider the following...

The quickest cheapest and most reliable way to mass produce
your words is via the net. The net as we know has changed 
quite dramatically since it's dawning days. As I stand on 
the forefront upon an explosion of 'standards' and style 
rules I take pause to consider what a well formated, well 
annotated paper might look like if it were re-vamped with
todays modern information technology.
    The printed page would find it's home as xhtml written
with CSS style information carefully crafted to fit our
English teachers beloved rule set the MLA standards.
The appears of typed pages would be a reassuring mirage
for which the eyes of former educationalists may 
requite their tender feelings for those old fangled pages.
Sure, the format now would have bordered pages with scrollable
content or clickable if one was to prefer. This would
not be the important part. 
    For the web is quite different and my imagination decides
to picture all the informational improvements that would 
accommodate your dear academic thought process. 

Meta keyword information for improved search engine 
results is a must. Embedded movies or video of interviews
and a bibliography section with extra links for cyber cited
notes. Though we can't forget the difficulties of the 
whole 'attempting to cite by urls' They often change 
and are not reliable for the purposes of any kind of 
educational citation. Perhaps, the focus ought to be upon
the message and what may be evaluated from it.

   Given these extras, the common average paper is now
ramped up with first hand imagery, links to authors profile,
perhaps journal and then some. 

    Even the means of copyright may be re-thought for maximum
audience exposure. A create commons share alike with attribution
license to improve the spread of information along with
copies of the paper in printable pdf format. Perhaps, a compressed
and archived version for off line browsing printing and viewing
such that all files will remain as whole.

Forms for collective feedback or better still annotation mode
where readers can leave their two bits in colors between the text
and confer over ideas expressed. 

    In this future of information technology advancement
let's not repackage old material in shiny new electronic
viewing screens. Let us hope we can re-envision and 're-imagine' 
the standard educational paper in order to bring the plain 
textual thoughts of the  former into the latter a world of
electronic thought matter.


Afternoon Headache

April 16, 2007 Afternoon Headache
I spend the afternoon with a headache.

-- e mail to former Drama teacher of High School --------------------

Well hello there,

How's retirement?
Not a day goes by when I don't recall the days
Mr. Whiteside 
I would always add the spin of going Caswell, Caswell
in the voice instead. 

Thank's for helping my friend the JoyFish.
She's quite stressed about the whole ordeal and
really doesn't want to make the world a better place.
I thank you as I am sure she does/is/and am doing as well.

As far as writing? When college papers die down I'll
pick back up with the writing. 
(recently I wrote a couple fighting scene with her (the girl
in question))

Script format is fun.

I forget that I do not have a digital picture of you.
Could you send me one?
Or point me into the right direction.

Best regards,

Chris B Stones

ps - despite what people tell you, I can and do walk
into the forest voluntarily.

It is ashame that some have come to visit
this blog after the end of the videos.
(they'll be back someday)


April 15, 2007

April 15, 2007 Sunday 1:27 PM
Action makes the weekend go by very quickly.
It was only today that I could slow myself for 
a bit and figure out what was expected of me. 



Girl Friend (for half a day)

April 14, 2007 Girl Friend (for half a day)
Theoritcally it ended but 8 or 16 hours after it began.
Wow. If only I had gotten to write down my thoughts at the
time. Only now, I haven't gotten back to my computer in 2 
days so things were left un done and un posted.

Some things, for better or for worse, will be forgotten simply
because the opportunity to record them never manifested.


Girl Friend Acquired

April 13, 2007 Friday Girl Friend Acquired 

From time to time, there are things that happen.
Theoretically, it happend yesterday... but I'll speak of
it today. For today, is the first day I start my day
with a girl friend.
It's been so long. 
This path I had always walked alone.
This thing that I've agreed to voluntarily
is quite different than what I'm used to.
It's a boggle for me.
And where ever it goes however it turns out
it's a first of it's kind.


My blue screen is a failure.
I decided to go simpler and lose the whole fabric idea.
I have the right paint. I just need smooth surfaces.

5:51 PM
Non Standard Math
Firstly, my motive is complete different.
I aim to enrich my aprentise with dreams and thoughts
of proving. I want to get past the notation and ingrain
the idea of order. I want to free her mind and take note
of the process. 
Progress is gradual. My hope, is that the stored math anxiety will
finally be dispelled. And in it's place a relaxing art to wittle
the time away.
What have I come up with? Those little ponderences I've kept.
Where did I put them all? My intertextualy journal of my thoughts
till present. 
I know myself as always longing to understand and use the math
though often falling short of where I want or ought to be.
But now, it's at my leisure, in a  time I'd rather take to 
walk around the mathematic shores half day.

Bad bad bad blue screen. Blue screen test one is a failure. Ouch. all that work. Don't I look happy?


Free Play (GF)

April 12, 2007 Thursday Free Play (GF)

I didn't get to put up the last post on time.
Yesh. That's ashame.

// best source from which to start over from

There's sort of an environment going on and it would be nice
to append code to functions to see objects being created and
disappearing and sending messages.

Where am I going to live?
I wish this could be resolved.
Will Zara?
Will Joy get her job?
Questions that will eventually be answered in one way
or another.
At what point will be begin to generate movies once more?
At what point will the semester ease off?
After COMM 308 and Amer. Inst. ?
Perhaps, after all the 'group' projects are finally over 
with and the remainder are COMM 108 performances.

The daily chores of overseeing these courses are growing
quite tiresome. From time to time I think... I've been
through the thick of it. I've been through all of it...
or most if not all... and all I have to do is round the
final bend with one final semester. And that standard
culturaly driven educational machine will finally be
quelled. Voided, as I have fufufileld the complete course
for which society would like to place before  me.

It's like recess. Or perhaps more, PE (Physical Education)
Back in elementary school they had this thing called 
free play. Basically, it was a third recess but under the 
guise of physical working out. 

After all the fuss and then some..... 
I'll have Free Choice.... I'll have Free Play.


April 11, 2007

April 11, 2007 Wednesday 


This may have passed for a web page in 
the 90's but not anymore. The web has changed.
Usage is dynamic pages have structure, style
is imported and standards are upheld-ish.
Quirksmode will still be with us for a long time

When masters like Jeff leave the work place (here
the Course Ware Dev center at HSU) Nothing can be the 
same. He was the master that could answer 'any' moodle
tech question. When the fun rings and LMS can't cover it
Jeff is the only one whom can stand up to test after
test. When he leaves, hell comes in. And I can already
see it from here.
Hey, I finally put my terminal into color... (big smile)
I ain't got no color blind command line.
I'm much happier.

I found some good advice on encryption
Encrypt That


The Text Desert

April 10, 2007 The Text Desert

Behold The Text Desert, a vast barren wasteland
of poor text that takes over after the source of 
movies drys up. What a shame it is to be caught out
here amoung the blistering hot debris of 'not enough
time to even write' syndrome. 
How maddening it all is.

Will the desert sands ever run fresh with water again?
Will they? 

Who knows...

11:50 PM
Ah, right before the end of the day I finally
get some Mac Interface programs to work.
The trick was to subclass NSObject not anything
else. (hence not everything can be subclassed)

Good to know.

I may be running out of time for today

The best widget for colors I've found.
Color Jack

What ideas have I had today? Man, it would appear that 
whatever they are I can't get them down here.
Perhaps brief notes then...

"In Theory"
Person A explains
Person B "... Yeah that woudl work in theory"
I've heard it one too many times.
I think it's time we talk about the nature of this
term. To put bluntly everything is 'in theory' the question
is what is the reality of the situation? Should we aim
to model our perspectives on what really 'is' rather
than 'in theory' 
The topic came up once more when I realized that 
the system of checks and balences doesn't quite check
or balance. Double ouch. Goes with the whole next

Humanities a mess
I sat in that class listening to the polical
spectrum of horrors. And I wonder... is there any
way to fix all this mess? It really seems like one.
Like one giant nightmarish scenrio.
I left the place thinking hard. Thinking really
hard about what to do. My female friend caught me
in my shocken state.

When Honesty Kills
I speak it sometimes and reap the 
accidental mayhem. Ouch.



April 9 2007

April 9, 2007

True Majority

"What can be accomplished will be accomplished"


Dazed and Tired

April 8, 2007 Dazed and Tired

Well well, it would appear I've missed
quite a bit. And then some. I always make sure
to make a mark for the days I miss as to round off
all the entry numbers. 

I've spend a considerable amount of time helping
my friend get up to speed with her blog as well
as how to post audio files. 

I help her grow.
Helping her keeps me very busy.
So busy, in fact, that I can't seem to concentrate on 
anything else. I find myself dazed a bit.
Calm though. And I keep forgetting what I have to 
find for my classes. 
There is much to do and yet I don't seem to 
care as much anymore... well for now.

I'm rather slow moving on these homework questions.
I'm out of time for today.


Missed Entry

April 7, 2007 Missed Entry

Missed entry do to being away from home computer.


Away Journal

April 6, 2007

Given my present location I figured it would
be best to just type directly into the blogger
WYSIWYG editor. 
I don't really like to do it but considering I'm
typing this from my friends house late at night
I figured I'd just place data directly to the source.

But what was I thinking?
The day was good. It was good in that way
only the injection of iPod music can make it.
I walked with a bounce, I joked with fellow 
student employ assistance. I showed someone
how to do command line stuff.

I was genearly excited and happy to see 
Shirine. And despite having to walk into town
I enjoyed myself greatly for much of the day.

I even managed to begin that long trail
of catching up and it's progressing smoothly
again. I just have to keep it up.

Oh yeah, I showed some people my movies
via my site. It generally leaves an impression.

Regardless of all of the substance of this 
entry. I suppose there is not much of value to 
anyone whom is out and about looking for 
cool and useful things. 
Eh, not today I guess.


April 5, 2007

April 5, 2007

I hate waking up with a sore throat.
This week has been too much.
And now I still have a world of work to 

Web skills of 2003 are not the same as webskills

I'm outdated... but I'm getting back into it.

I never really understand css until I came
across this.

Unless, you understand about the tree DOM structure
you don't know how to effectively utilize css.

It was a whoa moment I really didn't get it entirely


April 4, 2007

April 4, 2007 Wednesday
Physical version of the Turing Machine
The idea of having a hard coded alphabet
T machine crawling along some substrate
is intriguing to me.  

Sound Fountain, melody fountain
atwoods version,ShiShi Odoshi version, 

If I stopped here. And formally wrote out
what I was working on and what I had done
thus far... would that reduce paper waste?
Would it make my projects more accessible?

In my art, (if you could call it that) I do
not differentiate between the sketches and the 
equations. In my mind, the equations are part of 
the sketches.

I have a sneaking suspicion that people would
by what I create. Under the guise of art if nothing
else. I even want to design those science kit type 
things. Like a TM model you solder together.
Do I have to make deals with manufactures and what not?
I can design but I can not mass produce. 

Science Arts was the 4th business idea on the contract.
In a way, I like it the most, and love to spend hours
imagining and working out the details. 
If I could be paid 'comfortably' I would be quite

some things are worth the money...


April 3, 2007

April 3, 2007 Tuesday 

I should really put my e mail somewhere on this

My work request form is broken apparently.
And I never got to respond to claby.

I think I'd be more open to working better
if I had a payment method already set up.
I think that is my problem. That and this
semester I have no time.

309 test April 17 to 19

It feels good to have my moodle code accepted.

"Some minutes ago, I've added, only to HEAD, one new NEWMODULE that
 looks better than the older one (credit goes to Chris B Stones).
 It will be ready for download in 24h from:"

... now I'm just worried about the capitals thing.

... scheming.
It's nice to know that I'm getting experience
in a project that has its Software HQ in Australia.
I think it an interesting coincidence, yes-no?

Under the guise of getting to go there at some later
point to consult with moodle developers is salivatingly
similar to one of the final objectives on the 

The other bonus is that moodle is course ware software
meaning that working with it gets me closer to working
with professors aka people whom know what they are talking
about when it comes to physics and math. That's a
perceived bonus that I may someday reap the benefits of.

I can't figure it out.
Were these the people hiring?

And this place?


Non Fiction

April 2, 2007 Non Fiction

Notes from earlier
Non Fiction

I always wondered why it was called non-fiction.

Mean, it would seem that 'fiction' is the main thing

and all that other stuff is just well un-fiction or

non-fiction. Sure. Thank's a lot guys. Dealing me out

to be a guy interested in the non-fiction or non-fun as

you would 'like' people to believe.

But your wrong. Well, at least about the fiction part.

You see, people really believe in fiction. This whole thing

you see before your eyes. This time and space you think of

is the fiction. I mean time more exactly.

Time is not absolute. Time is relative. I know you believe

in the fiction

The Non-fiction is much more strange and amazing than the fiction.

The fiction is that appointments at 4 o' clock stay at 4o'clock

when in reality they shift. With how you move.

We live in a world of curving space and bending light and time 


How no Earth? (or anywhere) can you tell me that fiction

is stranger? It's not even real.

At least at the end of the day this bizarre thing we call space-time

'exists' and it just happens to be enough of a cosmic tounge

twister to keep are humble creamy minds churning 

for ages.

History books are far to bias.
If only there was a one way to record the events.
un-touched by human hands? So that future travelers
of the past may recreate 'the reality' without
the necessary worry of skewed outlook.

I'll never know what was wrong before.
But this image never loaded on the day it
was going to relevant to what I was working on.
I had found a py script that takes wav data
and makes an IPO out of it.

You can't see it, but that cube actually moves up and down
with the music. 
I'm hoping to whip out a voice line type deal in the future.

Right now, life is annoying and petty.
I spend hours next to coughing lab students and for out?
A not even working program that is due tommorrow.
I couldn't stand the errors anymore. Or maybe it was the 
fact that the Visual Basic Prof. Neglected to explain how
to past data between forms.
Either way, I was out of there in a bad mood.
And when I got home? I found out that my dental insurance policy
has fallen through.

There were good points though. I spent a while rehearsing my performance
and it ran quite smoothly. I was glad to ahve it down. 
It meant the difference between jittery twitchyness and
relaxed nerve endings.


Jokes on Me

April 1, 2007 Sunday 7:26 PM Jokes on Me

It is amazing how a beautiful blue sky afternoon can be
ruined with the threat of things due the next day.
Takes everything away from it. Well, not everything.
After I left the computer lab I decided to walk by
Joy's place. 
Turns out she had left with friends to go to some fancy
dinner place. They even had reservations. 
And missed the invite.
I left there walking along the side walk on this 
lovely afternoon and just happened to pass under 
power lines with many many birds perched atop.
Can you guess what cliche event occurred to me?
Here's a hint, there was loud squawking from all the featered
demons afterward.

The only thing strange is that it didn't effect me 
as much as you would think. I wanted to just go home and
shower off... so I dropped the whole subway sandwich idea
and trudged home.

Jokes on me.

At least while I was on campus I got a fair amount of practise
in so that tomorrow should go more smoothly.

7:47 PM
How do I make the random dot stereogram?



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