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After the fact.

April 27, 2007 After the fact.

[Written the next day]

I had gotten up and had those
familiar worries return to me.
Where was I going to live?
Don't know.
I get dressed. I eat. 
I go to class all the while that
familiar static like a hammer on
my head. The great aches of my life
each share a common love of shredding
my nerves while school looms over
in its boxing corner ready to take
its toll on my heart. 

I finish class in a daze and wait
sadly and nervously at the library 
circle. [Maybe I should write about
locations so people know where stuff is?]
The cars come and go and I look down
while feeling how cold the wind is on this
ironically sunny day.

Things pick up though as my future roomate
and I drive to purchase a list and then
go out to eat. The foods good and its
nice to be calling places and driving out
to get applications. 
Though the list is a bit old (things are already
taken) we manage to see one of the places in 
person. Just from outside of course but the
neighbers are nice and its right next to
the storage place. 

Regardless, we still do not know where 
we will wind up.
I do know it was a very strange day as far
as seeing things. A dozen or so cyclists suddenly biked
out in front of us. The hall way of the storage place
was eerily matrix like in the fact that the doors
were all the same and went down the entire long hall.

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