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Afternoon Headache

April 16, 2007 Afternoon Headache
I spend the afternoon with a headache.

-- e mail to former Drama teacher of High School --------------------

Well hello there,

How's retirement?
Not a day goes by when I don't recall the days
Mr. Whiteside 
I would always add the spin of going Caswell, Caswell
in the voice instead. 

Thank's for helping my friend the JoyFish.
She's quite stressed about the whole ordeal and
really doesn't want to make the world a better place.
I thank you as I am sure she does/is/and am doing as well.

As far as writing? When college papers die down I'll
pick back up with the writing. 
(recently I wrote a couple fighting scene with her (the girl
in question))

Script format is fun.

I forget that I do not have a digital picture of you.
Could you send me one?
Or point me into the right direction.

Best regards,

Chris B Stones

ps - despite what people tell you, I can and do walk
into the forest voluntarily.

It is ashame that some have come to visit
this blog after the end of the videos.
(they'll be back someday)


Anonymous said...

That's why you have archives and the convenient and intriguing, "Just the Movies, Please."

Although, you might put a showier icon or animated gif of flashing Quicktime screens to draw attention to it.


joyofdistraction said...

I'm hoping Gale realizes you made a typo... "doesn't want to make the world a better place"... that IS a typo! You mean "desperately wants to..." ok... I just had to make that correction.

Sirhc Senots said...

It did have a image. But the blog software ate it. And won't let it be shown.

And sorry about the type. Good thing I put it there as well or else I wouldn't have written back.


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