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April 11, 2007

April 11, 2007 Wednesday 


This may have passed for a web page in 
the 90's but not anymore. The web has changed.
Usage is dynamic pages have structure, style
is imported and standards are upheld-ish.
Quirksmode will still be with us for a long time

When masters like Jeff leave the work place (here
the Course Ware Dev center at HSU) Nothing can be the 
same. He was the master that could answer 'any' moodle
tech question. When the fun rings and LMS can't cover it
Jeff is the only one whom can stand up to test after
test. When he leaves, hell comes in. And I can already
see it from here.
Hey, I finally put my terminal into color... (big smile)
I ain't got no color blind command line.
I'm much happier.

I found some good advice on encryption
Encrypt That

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