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April 3, 2007

April 3, 2007 Tuesday 

I should really put my e mail somewhere on this

My work request form is broken apparently.
And I never got to respond to claby.

I think I'd be more open to working better
if I had a payment method already set up.
I think that is my problem. That and this
semester I have no time.

309 test April 17 to 19

It feels good to have my moodle code accepted.

"Some minutes ago, I've added, only to HEAD, one new NEWMODULE that
 looks better than the older one (credit goes to Chris B Stones).
 It will be ready for download in 24h from:"

... now I'm just worried about the capitals thing.

... scheming.
It's nice to know that I'm getting experience
in a project that has its Software HQ in Australia.
I think it an interesting coincidence, yes-no?

Under the guise of getting to go there at some later
point to consult with moodle developers is salivatingly
similar to one of the final objectives on the 

The other bonus is that moodle is course ware software
meaning that working with it gets me closer to working
with professors aka people whom know what they are talking
about when it comes to physics and math. That's a
perceived bonus that I may someday reap the benefits of.

I can't figure it out.
Were these the people hiring?

And this place?

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