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April 4, 2007

April 4, 2007 Wednesday
Physical version of the Turing Machine
The idea of having a hard coded alphabet
T machine crawling along some substrate
is intriguing to me.  

Sound Fountain, melody fountain
atwoods version,ShiShi Odoshi version, 

If I stopped here. And formally wrote out
what I was working on and what I had done
thus far... would that reduce paper waste?
Would it make my projects more accessible?

In my art, (if you could call it that) I do
not differentiate between the sketches and the 
equations. In my mind, the equations are part of 
the sketches.

I have a sneaking suspicion that people would
by what I create. Under the guise of art if nothing
else. I even want to design those science kit type 
things. Like a TM model you solder together.
Do I have to make deals with manufactures and what not?
I can design but I can not mass produce. 

Science Arts was the 4th business idea on the contract.
In a way, I like it the most, and love to spend hours
imagining and working out the details. 
If I could be paid 'comfortably' I would be quite

some things are worth the money...

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