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April 6, 2007

Given my present location I figured it would
be best to just type directly into the blogger
WYSIWYG editor. 
I don't really like to do it but considering I'm
typing this from my friends house late at night
I figured I'd just place data directly to the source.

But what was I thinking?
The day was good. It was good in that way
only the injection of iPod music can make it.
I walked with a bounce, I joked with fellow 
student employ assistance. I showed someone
how to do command line stuff.

I was genearly excited and happy to see 
Shirine. And despite having to walk into town
I enjoyed myself greatly for much of the day.

I even managed to begin that long trail
of catching up and it's progressing smoothly
again. I just have to keep it up.

Oh yeah, I showed some people my movies
via my site. It generally leaves an impression.

Regardless of all of the substance of this 
entry. I suppose there is not much of value to 
anyone whom is out and about looking for 
cool and useful things. 
Eh, not today I guess.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a good day...


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