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Dazed and Tired

April 8, 2007 Dazed and Tired

Well well, it would appear I've missed
quite a bit. And then some. I always make sure
to make a mark for the days I miss as to round off
all the entry numbers. 

I've spend a considerable amount of time helping
my friend get up to speed with her blog as well
as how to post audio files. 

I help her grow.
Helping her keeps me very busy.
So busy, in fact, that I can't seem to concentrate on 
anything else. I find myself dazed a bit.
Calm though. And I keep forgetting what I have to 
find for my classes. 
There is much to do and yet I don't seem to 
care as much anymore... well for now.

I'm rather slow moving on these homework questions.
I'm out of time for today.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

sorry, I hope you got most of your work done though...


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