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Defining Moments

April 19, 2007 Defining Moments

Sometimes, you just gotta dramatize.
In my case, I yelled full volume in front
of a larger lecture hall sparsely full of
The subject?
Well actually, I was looking for a way to
get my point across to a certain individual
in my group.

What was ticking through my head?
I've been repeatedly confronted by an individual
whom keeps talking around in circles every-time
I want him to pin down exactly when and what
he is going to do for the group project.
I have feelings that he his responsible 'enough'
to complete his task. He is the academic type.
But I wish he wouldn't joke about when I ask
definitive questions.
It goes to show I can know him and talk to him
as a mathematician but not coexist in a group
project. Or so it would seem.

It was ingenious in it's way. 
I used social leverage full knowingly how
it might look though I was half joking.
I knew I had to do something and I realized as
I often did... that I have nothing in my 
verbal arsenal to make him do anything.
And suddenly I thought, "Why the hell not?"
And full on turned sort of away from him
and fell to my knees to scream something only
the lines of, "[Name], for the love of god, please
send me the stuff tonight!"
The room goes quite... someone utters 'whoa' and
after a minute or two people return to their own
groups concerns and it's like it never happened.

"Sorry, about the dramatics, but I had to make my
He turns and walks out. 

Hardly. I was a bit shaken but it's good to know
I can do things like that from time to time.
The world had better stop messing with me.
I'm becoming far to confident for its people or its

notes from earlier

Important sql backup command


for restore just run the commands in .sql

"copy and paste is flakey on large buffers so you always want to do file redirection

make sure to install web developer plug in as well.

I really need to improve the look of this 
web page.

1 comment:

joyofdistraction said...

WOW!!! I wish I'd been there for the dramatic moment. Is the person anyone I know? Yeah, now that you're getting confidant the world better look out! ;-) It's @$$ is grass, and you're the lawn-mower.


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