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Excerpt from 2002

April 20, 2007 Excerpt from 2002

A History of Typewriters

If I wanted to be retro I'd rig a type writer to a 
keyboard's circuits.
Clack clack. Ah yeah.

vim isn't that bad. I'm gradually learning
to use this 'text tool'
And it crosses my mind... I could do a short
series on open source software projects from
user and developer view points.

and docs
g docs

I want this on my wall

whoa US Spending
Since when did Chris world grow so full of links?
It's a absolute disaster? How you ask?
Many factors. 

Excerpts for Old Off line Journals...
Age: 18ish
August 28, 2002 A New Day

I’ll refer to teh case of the mistaken colors. I’ve heard and had this one discussed many times. There fore it must happen a lot to anyone who really starts thinking.
Mmm It goes like this...
When a little pre schooler is taught the colors. You this one is red and this one is blue and that one is green. They learn what the colors “look like” But do they really??? Hense, supose we really all see colors differently. Mabye reds look more bluish to some people but no one really knows. It’s all about how its preciefved. So in some way the little kid learns “these are the colors with these names” and can name and know them right.
So if this is true. We all may see the world totally differently. But...(heres the catch that makes it meaninglus) since we all agree that red is red and green is green and blue is blue no one really cares how you precieve the colors as long as you get the message across. The fact lies more in the comunication of information then the actualy colors.
Off cousre then there is the fact that red is part of a certain spectrum and blue has it’s wave lenght and so forth. That all eyes have to see them teh same way but...they don’t really have to be precieved the same in the brain. Double hense....what the hell does the rainbow really look like?

Pretty strange hub. And then there’s the basic interesting thoughts that still don’t really matter. As in the case of the water and the tire.

Here it goes... say there is a puddle of water on a asphalt road. And a car drives straight thourgh it. How long is the water trail left behind by the tire? And (this is important) AND does the lenght depend on the speed of the tire?
Which is to say....If the car moves faster does it make a longer water trail? Or is the same amount of water spread over the same distance no matter the speed. What about the water that is flung off? Is that any faster at higher speed? And what of all the other factors...temperatur, pressure and humity?
Again, Ultimatly who really cares. After all it’s just a puddle of water and a car.

But one of my all time favs (*short for “favorites”)
Is the Case of the Levitating Top Meter.

Check this out... Take one speacil magnetic top. It can be spun on an ordinary magnet in such a way as to create equilibrium and leviate. It’s really cool and you can get it from the KCET store I think. Anyway, the magnetic feild suports the top and it floats. After many many attempts that is.
So the question is...when you place the whole asseumbly on top of a scale. Will the weight of the base magnet and the top equal the weight of the base magnet and the top when the top is floating above the base???
Un like all the other experiments and ideas discussed this one actually could change the way we think of Space-time and the universal forces of nature. Or not depending on one very simple principle... I believe some guy named Netwon figured that a system in equilibrium must have equal but opposite forces acting on the object with a net force of zero to hold postion.
So I would surmise...(So in other words) the fact that the top is leviating shouldn’t change the weight of the top and magnet just sitting on the scale. In still other words. The magnetic force of the top should be equal to its weight inturn causeing the magnetic force of the base to be repeled with and equal amount of force. EQUALING the top. EVEN if it IS floating. They should cause the scale to read the same.
If this isn’t true... (back to the whole forces of the univeral thing) Then the magnetic feilds some how transfered the force else where. Or nullified the effects of existing gravitation theroy. But off courese I would bet my money on the Newton explaination. I don’t know about you but I prefer my forces to be equal and opposite so that I can remain sitting and relaxing in my comfortable existance.
Now... if one were to place more thought on the situation dictated above you might find certain parrelisms with other things namely when you take a bucket of water and place a heaviy object in it. and put the whole thing on a scale the total force of the system should be equal to the weight of the object and the water wheater or not the thing floats inside. Hense although the object may float nothing was really removed from the system so therefore it weighs the same despite buoyance and displacement...go figure.
*oh on another note I’ve tried doing the top thing... but since my scale was metal... the magnets kind of interfered with the readings. Besides its a major pain to get that top to leviate on demand. So results are inconclusive.

... *by the way three dots like this (...) means thinking
so you know :) ... I think.

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Joshua Eckroth said...

Vim, huh? That's VI Improved. So it's "V-I-em", eh?

They could have named it "Seven". But that's not how "VI" is pronounced. Romans really have nothing to do with it.

At least it's not "Slevin". But Vim is distinctly noir, I think. And I'm not talking about the teletype black, since, after-all, who really uses anything but a GUI term?

And I haven't even seen that movie, just figured there was a similarity. But I have used Vim, and though I'm not as skilled as some I've observed (in person!), my fingers do seek home without regard.

Which can be annoying. But wasn't the whole point to save time? It can be so, if you live in hjkl and ESC-:-w-q. Alas, save for some seedy remappings, Vim is a paradise for only raw A-Z's plus punctuation.

Maybe someday we will fight for acceptance. Maybe the steering wheels of our cars will keep your hands between A and L, and making love will first require i for insert and end with ESC.

I've had to type this all without these jewels to which I allude. Maybe I should have typed it in Vim. But, we all know, Vim copy & paste really sucks.

What the hell is a yank anyway?


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