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Flask Problems

April 22, 2007 Sunday 3:15 AM Flask Problems

This one is for Daniel....
I bet he never realized just how much I could
pick out of one of his short replys during a
chat session.

Flask Problem
Here's one to try... someone had to do it
somehow. Suppose your charged with the task
of putting that volume scale on the side of
an  Erlenmeyer flasks. That's this kind or this.
How are you going to figure out where to put the marks?
How did they? Do you think they were that dumb and filled 10 ml or some
incremnt of volume at a time and marked it?
Surely, such careless disregard for error tolernce would
not pass for any scientific apparatus manufacture.
So what do you do?

I know what I did. It turned out to be a interesting problem.
I even messed up interestingly. (in doing so I found a line is a line
'or a function' no matter how you turn it) I didn't even have
to redo the cacluations. 
The calculus wasn't too bad ethier. I managed not to have to 
cube anything.

I like the problem because someone had to solve it.
It is a nice example of calculus and a moderately
interesting equation.

I could even dig out my old flask and measure the 
base and neck and put tick marks where I think the
water level should go. And validate my reasoning.
I like those situations.

from friends blog

"What metronome give a beat to the universal waltz? And is the pace ever constant? Are we the pace makers?"
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Funny lines from funny movies..

"I'm going to put your away message on permanently"

This day took a turn for the worse when a friend of mine whom I care very dearly about is under extreme duress. And I found out I'm lossing this place anyway.

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