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Free Play (GF)

April 12, 2007 Thursday Free Play (GF)

I didn't get to put up the last post on time.
Yesh. That's ashame.

// best source from which to start over from

There's sort of an environment going on and it would be nice
to append code to functions to see objects being created and
disappearing and sending messages.

Where am I going to live?
I wish this could be resolved.
Will Zara?
Will Joy get her job?
Questions that will eventually be answered in one way
or another.
At what point will be begin to generate movies once more?
At what point will the semester ease off?
After COMM 308 and Amer. Inst. ?
Perhaps, after all the 'group' projects are finally over 
with and the remainder are COMM 108 performances.

The daily chores of overseeing these courses are growing
quite tiresome. From time to time I think... I've been
through the thick of it. I've been through all of it...
or most if not all... and all I have to do is round the
final bend with one final semester. And that standard
culturaly driven educational machine will finally be
quelled. Voided, as I have fufufileld the complete course
for which society would like to place before  me.

It's like recess. Or perhaps more, PE (Physical Education)
Back in elementary school they had this thing called 
free play. Basically, it was a third recess but under the 
guise of physical working out. 

After all the fuss and then some..... 
I'll have Free Choice.... I'll have Free Play.

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Midnight_Blue said...

Hey its TeenReject04 from youtube... looks like yo've been pretty busy, I just came to see what ur site was all about, since I watch ur youtube video.. and you havent posted any lately... cool site.


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