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Girl Friend Acquired

April 13, 2007 Friday Girl Friend Acquired 

From time to time, there are things that happen.
Theoretically, it happend yesterday... but I'll speak of
it today. For today, is the first day I start my day
with a girl friend.
It's been so long. 
This path I had always walked alone.
This thing that I've agreed to voluntarily
is quite different than what I'm used to.
It's a boggle for me.
And where ever it goes however it turns out
it's a first of it's kind.


My blue screen is a failure.
I decided to go simpler and lose the whole fabric idea.
I have the right paint. I just need smooth surfaces.

5:51 PM
Non Standard Math
Firstly, my motive is complete different.
I aim to enrich my aprentise with dreams and thoughts
of proving. I want to get past the notation and ingrain
the idea of order. I want to free her mind and take note
of the process. 
Progress is gradual. My hope, is that the stored math anxiety will
finally be dispelled. And in it's place a relaxing art to wittle
the time away.
What have I come up with? Those little ponderences I've kept.
Where did I put them all? My intertextualy journal of my thoughts
till present. 
I know myself as always longing to understand and use the math
though often falling short of where I want or ought to be.
But now, it's at my leisure, in a  time I'd rather take to 
walk around the mathematic shores half day.

Bad bad bad blue screen. Blue screen test one is a failure. Ouch. all that work. Don't I look happy?

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