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Grace Under Fire

April 24, 2007 Grace Under Fire

I can not afford the time to think.
I must accomplish my tasks and keeping
an eye on the time constraints is going
to be key. 


For my own information I 
am getting much better at navigating
via only command windows and 
Mac OS X hot keys.

usr_21.txt and usr_22.txt
are important help files for vi

help file_explorer

What I find interesting is the fact that had
I not bought the Snapz Software I wouldn't
have been able to get the address question
right on the credit card question for the
storage unit. Isn't that spot of luck?

I hear approixmalty 200 people are homeless
in Arcata and Eureka. And they are being
criminalized as police violate human rights.

I saw Candice whom is staying for summer which reminds me Tricia is staying for summer Which reminded me that Rosie wanted to hang out at least once before the semester is over. I saw Liz today... She said stuff to me. I'm told that it's going to be really bad this time with many extra people (1000)+ looking for housing. ... ack better things to write later. Like something where the title will have full meaning. Ta

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