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Helpful 12 year old

April 30, 2007 Monday Helpful 12 year old

Tired. I'm missing my posting
times way to often these days.
And I'm worried I may have flubbed
a DCG course and will have to take
a different one to fill it's position.
That is quite a fumble.
And I'm irrated about it.

It's almost like at times like
these... I really wish I would have
helped myself out in the past.
Like I'm trying to remember if
I got one of the assignments
signed but not turned in... and I 
think my brain is merely fabricating
the memory of it because I really
'want' to believe that I had done
it so that I wouldn't have to 
scramble now. 

4:16 PM

-- later

The search for peace contiunes.
Peace as in peace of mind that I have
a comfortable place to live.
I'd like to note the ungodly messed up
ness of rental applications.

this search is going 'swimingly' 

What I realize?
You want to know what I realize about
searching for a place to live?
Someone always has to get the short straw
or find out to late that they are losing their place
or if you do a favor by mentioning a place
to a friend they might 'take it'

Go figure the whole thing is a mess.
This aspect of the 'free market' could stand
some better organization.

What I've really learned?
This ordeal has shown me
I would much rather look for someone to move in than
to to have to find  a place


"You give my kisses meaning."

"You are an oasis in the desert that is my life.

SIDENOTE: Critisim at point blank range. ... I met a very helpful 12 year old kid out near the Peckwick apartments. I biked all over looking, no hunting, for phone numbers to call places. And to associate locations with things. It was like out of a movie.... when I rode in to those apartments. Didn't know there were so many little kids there. The air even smelled like summer I had once. I wonder why? ... Oh, the restaurants closed... oh that's okay you were the one that was hungry.

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Wow, your blog looks great. I'm really impressed.


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