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Housing Headaches

April 28, 2007 Housing Headaches

Top 5 Things I'm learning from having to find a place to live. 1. Absolutely no one returns your calls that you leave as messages on land lords machines. 2. Paying for a housing list will most likely get you results 'if' you can get out to pick up the applications. 3. Cheaper living is found at uncomfortable distances away. (I somehow knew it before I witnessed just how much this mattered.) 4. School work is difficult but 'much' more difficult when your concerned with living somewhere. 5. I get sick when my stress level doesn't dip for days on end.
Josh left me a very enterinating comment. Least I thought.
12:55 PM Maybe I have it all wrong. Maybe these times are exciting. Maybe these are the times in which you grow. Maybe it builds character? yuck. I can't belive I wrote that. Old joke So keyboard layouts 'were' to speed things up. Go figure. why QWERTY? Mouse Brain? on Computer? Mouse Brain

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