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April 1, 2007 Sunday 7:26 PM Jokes on Me

It is amazing how a beautiful blue sky afternoon can be
ruined with the threat of things due the next day.
Takes everything away from it. Well, not everything.
After I left the computer lab I decided to walk by
Joy's place. 
Turns out she had left with friends to go to some fancy
dinner place. They even had reservations. 
And missed the invite.
I left there walking along the side walk on this 
lovely afternoon and just happened to pass under 
power lines with many many birds perched atop.
Can you guess what cliche event occurred to me?
Here's a hint, there was loud squawking from all the featered
demons afterward.

The only thing strange is that it didn't effect me 
as much as you would think. I wanted to just go home and
shower off... so I dropped the whole subway sandwich idea
and trudged home.

Jokes on me.

At least while I was on campus I got a fair amount of practise
in so that tomorrow should go more smoothly.

7:47 PM
How do I make the random dot stereogram?


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

when I was in 4th grade, I went on a field trip to some state park and during lunch we were all taking our sack-lunches to the picnic area when a bird crapped right on my head... I was so embarrassed I cried... of course all I had to do was clean out my hair, and take off my sweatshirt. it really is no big deal... but boy was I mad at the time... eh, shit happens, right?


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