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April 2, 2007 Non Fiction

Notes from earlier
Non Fiction

I always wondered why it was called non-fiction.

Mean, it would seem that 'fiction' is the main thing

and all that other stuff is just well un-fiction or

non-fiction. Sure. Thank's a lot guys. Dealing me out

to be a guy interested in the non-fiction or non-fun as

you would 'like' people to believe.

But your wrong. Well, at least about the fiction part.

You see, people really believe in fiction. This whole thing

you see before your eyes. This time and space you think of

is the fiction. I mean time more exactly.

Time is not absolute. Time is relative. I know you believe

in the fiction

The Non-fiction is much more strange and amazing than the fiction.

The fiction is that appointments at 4 o' clock stay at 4o'clock

when in reality they shift. With how you move.

We live in a world of curving space and bending light and time 


How no Earth? (or anywhere) can you tell me that fiction

is stranger? It's not even real.

At least at the end of the day this bizarre thing we call space-time

'exists' and it just happens to be enough of a cosmic tounge

twister to keep are humble creamy minds churning 

for ages.

History books are far to bias.
If only there was a one way to record the events.
un-touched by human hands? So that future travelers
of the past may recreate 'the reality' without
the necessary worry of skewed outlook.

I'll never know what was wrong before.
But this image never loaded on the day it
was going to relevant to what I was working on.
I had found a py script that takes wav data
and makes an IPO out of it.

You can't see it, but that cube actually moves up and down
with the music. 
I'm hoping to whip out a voice line type deal in the future.

Right now, life is annoying and petty.
I spend hours next to coughing lab students and for out?
A not even working program that is due tommorrow.
I couldn't stand the errors anymore. Or maybe it was the 
fact that the Visual Basic Prof. Neglected to explain how
to past data between forms.
Either way, I was out of there in a bad mood.
And when I got home? I found out that my dental insurance policy
has fallen through.

There were good points though. I spent a while rehearsing my performance
and it ran quite smoothly. I was glad to ahve it down. 
It meant the difference between jittery twitchyness and
relaxed nerve endings.

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thomas said...

****I'm resending this note which I originally submitted through your "at your service" page, but that form confirms the request by saying the mailbox is full?*****

Hey Chris, I couldn't find your email so I hope you don't mind me using this form to send a message.

I run a small business community, I post a new video clip on our home page everyday. I like to use clips about something fun - loosely based on one craft or service that could be found on the site. I found you "logo design" clip on youtube and enjoyed hearing your thoughts on designing logos so much that I decided to post it.
I hope that is okay. If not please let me know ( and I'll pull it. Thanks Chris!
Here's the site -




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