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April 18, 2007 Nothing Much

Another useful bit (for the most up to date)

Very strange. "Example of an eyetracking 'heatmap' "
Eye Tracking Study

Though my intention to put 'papers' on line is still with
me I have come accross strange and unsual studies on 
web reading verse traditional reading.
It seems the nature of the writing is different...
which dictates that I must frame any papers placed on the
web as such. Papers. (promo movie for reading? why not?)

11:34 PM
The only software I've had to buy.
Snapx Pro
I forked out 70 bucks. At 'least' it did a good
job doing what is was suppose to do. 
Well done guys. But someday I'll have to write an
open source equivlant.

from earlier...


I should know Ray for later 26 talking to him might
come in handy.

Because Ray had so much trouble with the Xvid
codec.. I decided to make the thing aabile on 
my site for Mac OS X by compiling from source.


are the result of the compile
and I need to make a package installer.

Xvid Qt Compoent
Links Software

Webster comedy sketch

tonights chat between Dad, Joy and I

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Dad said...

Thanks for the swell pic of me, Chris.

-Cue dripping sarcasm-

Others my revel in my natural good looks here:


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