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April 25, 2007 Science Project

I'm familiar with a familiar kind of syndrome.
Actually, I know it as the "We'll do something later"
but really we won't get to. I wish I could
respond to these people with a new statement.

I know we met and spoke of doing things.
I mean like building, creating or making
stuff. And I know you exist, and would like
to remind you that I know you exist so that
someday in the future I'll remember (her or him)
and be able to pick up were we left off.
While it is regretful that I can not meet with
you yet I want you to know that it is 'always'
still possible in the future. 
So please do not think I have ever forgotten.

Many people are in this camp with me.
It is worrisome but necessary for now...
I would help that things can be made better
in the future.

note I forgot du
a command that talks about disk usage 


I'm told a long time ago.
"The law, unfourntantly, is retroactive"
In other words you gotta have something
happen before they can take care of something,

I had no idea HSU has so many technial problems.
It's sort of amazing that things run at all.
At work today I found a file called womenslib.php
and it redirected you to womens liberation
wiki page. ... coders are a funny crowd.

I take the time to make sure people I care about are okay. I mean the tender people. I can't write much on the issue. Least I like to think I"m considerate but I'm told that sometimes I'm oblivious and I don't mean to be. My apologies in that case. [Look Closer]
Oh better notes, I'm happy to have gotten to work on an old school science project. Helping was easy once my headache dissipated. Weighing them. Taking data. Looking skender. Or maybe she is looking at someone. See more pictures here.

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