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April 26, 2007 Storage Dreams

notes from earlier

It has been a bad day.

Came across this today though...


When I came to work I found myself computerless and orphaned. New computers have not yet arrived but when they do it will be very nice. .... That is small fries compared to what I have discovered in my COMM 309 class. I have completed the units inthe wrong order when I didn't realize I couldn't skip one. This is bad. I am on the mercy of the professor and I figure I can through in one final paper for the class which may not be as hard as I thought... but still. I expect only a D. And now I feel like looking up if a D is passing which I 'think' it is. I think. Better check. Student voting is today. Last day. Will they optain that precious 40%? Or will their toils be lost? Keeping your stuff safe, Keeps my stuff safe 4:43 PM Even in the midst of agony I have spontaneous ideas. It's those times when things just fall into place. These moments of inspiration are rare and when they come they are things to be respected. I realize, after having been at the storage place just the other day. That the storage business is essentialy risk free and easy to manage. I realize that it would take a lot of start up capital but once started (depending on location) it would have a nice shot of being a good stable money maker while providing a service to those whom need it. It would make for quite an attractive business plan due to its low risk nature. As well as for things like this I know I can differentiate from other storage services with a variey of useful and helpful organization and robotic technologies. ... I stood in the middle of the Founders Quad as this all hit me. I laughed.. And would repeatiy mutter below my breath, "I'll be damned, it's the most perfect low risk business" It require a minijmu of human attendence while having a option to contractily recover loses in the form of accutions should someone not be able to pay. That would probaibly mean getting many more times the worth of the stuff in the unit regardless. I was simply impressed at the cleaness of the idea. At the secuirty that could ensue. At the trend of setting up a chain. I was impressed.
Dr. or No Dr. Credential or None All are equal in the eyes of observation.

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