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The Text Desert

April 10, 2007 The Text Desert

Behold The Text Desert, a vast barren wasteland
of poor text that takes over after the source of 
movies drys up. What a shame it is to be caught out
here amoung the blistering hot debris of 'not enough
time to even write' syndrome. 
How maddening it all is.

Will the desert sands ever run fresh with water again?
Will they? 

Who knows...

11:50 PM
Ah, right before the end of the day I finally
get some Mac Interface programs to work.
The trick was to subclass NSObject not anything
else. (hence not everything can be subclassed)

Good to know.

I may be running out of time for today

The best widget for colors I've found.
Color Jack

What ideas have I had today? Man, it would appear that 
whatever they are I can't get them down here.
Perhaps brief notes then...

"In Theory"
Person A explains
Person B "... Yeah that woudl work in theory"
I've heard it one too many times.
I think it's time we talk about the nature of this
term. To put bluntly everything is 'in theory' the question
is what is the reality of the situation? Should we aim
to model our perspectives on what really 'is' rather
than 'in theory' 
The topic came up once more when I realized that 
the system of checks and balences doesn't quite check
or balance. Double ouch. Goes with the whole next

Humanities a mess
I sat in that class listening to the polical
spectrum of horrors. And I wonder... is there any
way to fix all this mess? It really seems like one.
Like one giant nightmarish scenrio.
I left the place thinking hard. Thinking really
hard about what to do. My female friend caught me
in my shocken state.

When Honesty Kills
I speak it sometimes and reap the 
accidental mayhem. Ouch.


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