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Troubled Thoughts and Times

April 23, 2007 Troubled Thoughts and Times

At work we have all received a note about
professionalism and making sure to work 
during work. In this time between old coordinators
leaving and new ones coming in this place is 
a bit disorganized. 

9:36 AM
It was really hard to be there yesterday.
When my friend was under such duress.
In times like those... it's hard to be there
but I hear it helps... to some small degree.

Other sad things..
Sad Things
and eyeopening... since that site may die.. I've include
the text here as well... touched 5400 students

As you can see, my website is suddenly very, very different. I have some news that is very sad for me.  I have taught at HSU for 27 years, it has been a central and wonderful feature of my life.  Throughout these many years, I have had a vision of a University -- that it is a place centered around student learning.  Not as a slogan, but the real deal -- opening students up to the incredible intellectual excitement of ideas and exhilarating vistas they have not encountered before.  I have been deeply honored to aid this process as a professor here.  In this idealistic vision I have, administrators exist solely to aid professors in doing the best job they can in encouraging true student learning.

For many years HSU was amazingly close to my ideals, but now something distinctly different has arrived.  I now have administrators -- Dean James Howard and President Rollin Richmond, who do not share my view of their roles.  They bring a corporate viewpoint to our campus -- they view themselves as "management," and they believe themselves to be the only true seers of how HSU should function.  Although they mouth words like "student learning" their actions instead clearly speak of personal agendas concerning output from their "employees" (faculty).  Their understanding of student learning is spotty.

These men are not evil. I believe they truly think they are acting correctly.  But power is a double-edged sword.  They believe theirs is the only true vision of HSU -- their power-blinded egos regard input from faculty and students as something to be managed, not listened to.  This leads them to make blunder after blunder.  It's the old hubris game.

I love teaching my courses, but my interactions with Misters Howard and Richmond leave me less than joyful.  These men have never understood the essence of dear Humboldt State, and they are apparently unable to listen to others expressing the magical Humboldt Spirit.  I seek joy, rather than more years of witnessing Howard's and Richmond's harm.  I have decided, regretfully, to leave HSU.

For those of you who know me personally, have taken my courses, and who are wondering what I'll be doing . . .
well that answer is very clear to me.  Although my spiritual path has occupied a prominent role in my life, the 70+ hour workweeks I put in consistently at HSU have been very hard on my Buddhist practice.  Oh, if I were more evolved, then the requirements of my work would *be* my Buddhist practice.  But at my novice level, I have long needed more time for meditation, yoga, exercising, centering, and quiet times in our glorious forests and beaches. That's what I'll be up to.

I'd estimate I've taught about 5,400 HSU students in my years here. I hope I've helped at least a dozen or so!

My best wishes to all of you,
Stone Brusca

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