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Off Net?

May 30, 2007 Wednesday 6:53 PM Off Net?


My net access may be sparatic for a bit. This doesn't mean I won't be writing. Just not getting to post. We'll see what happens. Signed, The Management.
CO In your face Daniel, the Carbon Monoxide detector 'did' go off and I did get a headache at the time. I guess it is a pretty good thing I'm cautious.
North American Union? Wha? ... Net Censorship? the world over. Perhaps, it is a bit nieve to think that you can access information anywhere in the world via the net. Considering, many many people still don't ahve clean solid access... I enjoy a sort of elite image of the world I download. .... Will this ever change? .... different note.. Strong anonymity has it's place. FreeNet Richard Dawkins


Ouch Isn't Enough

May 29, 2007 Tuesday 5:40 PM Ouch Isn't Enough

I've mentioned this before...
Hangar NO. 5
I think the music really works for it.

5:43 PM
I can feel it writh with in me.
The tension the annoyance the lost, the anguish.
It hurts to so your place taken over. 
It hurts to see what was once sanctuary be
destroyed at the hands of others.
Has not happened yet... but soon enough....
The thought lodges in my brain the way
a dagger sticks in a heart.

The word "ouch" just doesn't cut it.

Following This...


Not an Addict, then what?

May 28, 2007 Monday 1:00 PM Not an Addict, then what?

I may or may not have the net for next week.
If that is the case I think I should post
a banner that explains the condition.

If I have to post via the library computers does
that classify as an "Away Journal Entry?"  
Sort of an interesting question for my own cataloging
I hear some slash 'most' only scan for points of information
in the posts... Maybe someday I'll summarize in an outline at 
the top.

If I have no net than the work on the computer is basically 
what I'm doing now... cleaning it making ready for a fresh
Erase and Install... then looking for the correct harddrive
to add to it so that I can have a enough space to create
full length DVD's of high quality footage.

Meanwhile, many ideas that have come up have not been
written. Only in notes to others which is ashame because 
all that typing goes to waste when they end the session.
I should have copy and pasted sooner.

I hear that non trivial computer acitiies was the main 
compoent of internet adiction. Which, exactly are my 
non trivial computer activities?

*Checking vocabulary words
*Making notes (of all kinds)
*Practicing my 3D modeling skills both in front and away from people.
*Editing and posting video to enhance my web presence so that employers know 
 who I am and increase the odds of obtaining teleWork.
*Researching the stickam, youtube and Facebook API in order to make 
 applictions that utilize those services. On which I can cite as actual
 examples of my work for my resume and can tag some video of mine in
 the release to gain more exposure. Thereby building brand...
 Chris makes this software. Isn't he entertaining and education too?
*Going Weblive generally boosts the number of subscribes to my movies
 to 2 or more verse the previous average of 1 every 2 months.
*Checking various news sources
*watching vlogs? I'm always on the look out for material under the CC
 license. In order to find footage I can use... and many people
 with my same mentality have put stuff under that sort of license.

So what of those is 'non essencail and waste of time?'
Perhaps this is the only one that comes close...

*Playing music to relax which by the way I tend to find and listen
 to open license work in order to use it in movies.
 So even that has some sort of helpful motive.

If I am an addict I must be a very very very productive one.
And if it is a vice its not like I'm going to have it forever...
just trying real hard right now.

I think ze's birthday is 3-31 Very Clever Ironically enough the class I'll be taking is stress management.


May 27, 2007

May 27, 2007 Sunday 12:19 PM 

Go to bed at 5 get up at 12.... I un pluged
my phone since there wasn't a way to silence it.
(I've tried in the past)
My webstats tell me people come and leave my
page nearly immediatly... which means ethier....

A. I offter them nothing.

B. It only 'looks' like I offer them nothing.

I think I could work on option B.

So that's how you make new words


Is the CIA evil?


Fixed Website

May 26, 2007 Saturday Fixed Website

Hell Week is upon me... a week where I'll
have no place to go and no nice place to 
sleep.... What can I expect? High stress...
poor sleep.. no aloneness... ack.
yep, hell week comes in just days.

It does say in the contract that you can
have a guest for up to 2 weeks before having
to tell the LL. So, I'm within constraints.
But seriously.. it would have been far nicer
to have a place to live before I have to leave here.

My opinion of facebook is changing due to the 
fact they are opening up to developers and showing
off their stylish open source selfs..
course their Terms of Service claim they can share
info... I suppose all corps do that but they just
don't admit to it.. and I suppose having 3rd party apps
falls under that category or at least very near

Oh my god.. she has her own domain now.. She was the one that .. something about some big company discovered her? I forget.
2:04 PM Funny rabbits huh? Clip Show 52
Can you tell I have repressed rage? This was my home my sanctuary for 2 years and I'm being driven out in a somewhat unfortunate and uncomfortable way. Maybe it won't be too bad.... Either way I don't want to find out till I have to. I don't want to sufficate. That would be bad. This is not going to be fun. A week difference between leaving this place and moving in to a place I've never seen with nothing really nailed down. I really hope this isn't any sort of extended stay. I might be off line for a while That's okay since the main thing I have to do is clean my harddrive. I could start files on teh iPod and take them into the lab once a day to post.
10:55 PM I finally fixed my website.. I even acidently lost the old template... which was alright because I had firebug and some know how to make it work right and it was painless!


No friend of Mine

May 25, 2007 HSU No friend of Mine

I do not know why I recalled this
memory but I did.
It was while at band camp, located in the
dorms of CalPoly. I was siting in the
cafeteria before the long day of marching
around in hot blazing sun.

I watched as a kid brought his tray to 
sit down with some other kids. He
then leaves to get some other item.
No sooner does he leave than one of the
kids picks up his tray and deposits it
a few tables away.
I watched in quiet horror as the kid returns
to find his tray moved over. I saw as he
stood there stuned and then moved away.
I was imagining what he felt like.
And I thought about getting up and 

This is human kind? 

Who is to know what is right and wrong in the world? It's so hard to find the truth. Or what will work best... especialy when it comes to society. What am I suppose to do? Could I some how help by propgeating the best knowledge I have in hopes that new real informed and active citizens are created to aide in the fixing of this tired broken world? What quailtyies and ideas do 'I' dare push? At what risk of critism. And now armed with the power to declare some critism pointless, absurd or malformed. I suppose I should let the flood gates open for hate mail and other strange signals that some ideas are dangours but they are getting out there. Pushing the issues of the day.... somehow something will work.
5:23 PM I'm way off sleep schedule now. .... oh well. What the? HSU tried to add me as a friend today? What the? Humboldt State Universty MySpace Page This is a bit low guys. But that video was well made.... a bit misleading but well made. And the thing I knew some of those people. I saw that girl in class. I was in Molas class (movie of guy writing equations on board) But they're not 'propaganda-ing' oops (I mean marketing) is the pay incrase every student is taking 'without representation' and without any cuts to the athletics nor pay cuts from the presidnet Richmond (more like CEO now) HSU community furious over budget cuts Education isn't a Business. But it's beening treated like one. And now HSU wants me as a friend? Sorry Pal. If I ever do friend you it will be to put a link on your page telling incoming students taht they had better demand equal representation if they are to pay higher fees and that HSU is not equipped to house all the new students so many have to turn back. Sorry HSU that doesn't sound like a friend. .. .... ....... I also think the fake people are agaisn't teh policies of 'even' myspace.. I would hope. They are promotional tools but I don't think anyone is keeping track. But hey, everyone and everything thing has a myspace presents. I'm not convinced they are real. None of my real friends are scripted. Janet .... One final thing... Organizations Should NOT be using myspace anyway. Sure I know they do.. I know bands do. I know it goes on. BUT hey. Stop it higher education... YOUR suppose to be smarter. .... Hummmmm terms and conditions 13 involves commercial activities and/or sales without our prior written consent such as contests, sweepstakes, barter, advertising, or pyramid schemes; 15. .... any other unfair, misleading or deceptive Content intended to draw traffic to the profile. ....Course is simple puffery deceptive? perhaps not But from what I know about the product you might want to steer clear. AND... 2 advertising to, or solicitation of, any Member to buy or sell any products or services through the MySpace Services. [....] In order to protect our Members from such advertising or solicitation, reserves the right to restrict the number of emails which a Member may send to other Members in any 24-hour period [...] As a reasonable estimation of such harm, you agree to pay $50 for each such unsolicited email or other unsolicited communication you send through the MySpace Services; I hope HSU hasn't e mailed anyone.... they might be making their budget situation worse. Unless... they made a deal.. which they might have.... otherwise....

Good grief!

And p.s. Your a 93 your old female? That was WAY more information than I wanted to know. ------------------------------------------ Gotta get this blog post dugg or something.


Live Cast???

May 24, 2007 Thursday Live Cast???
So much pain and negativity these days.
So much.

2:37 PM
Sometimes I wonder if my Idenity has been stolen
because I get all sorts of calls that say
thanks for filling out that loan request and
here's more information on your morgate.

No what is this?


I need to try again to get my free credit report
from the 3 companies They didn't hink it was 'me'
last time. Go figure.

So are these people fakes?

That's a screen shot of the image for Trust but not
a link. ..hMMmmm

Probabily happens a lot..

Dear **** ****,


I accendently deleted the mail in my box.
With the Mail App

Maybe I'll do that movie about "So your making the transtion from some sort of college e mail account to some other account and you really dont' want to leave anyone hanging?" Well TELL them your moving but keep checking the old account for a grace period... What a pain you say? Configure Mac's to help you check alll your accounts. I should do that movie. I have one final thing to fix with it. I guess, being live on the left side of my website enables a sort of help line. Go figure.
Torture week si coming up. A week were I have no offical place to live. For at least a week. And it's the week classes start.
It's hardder and harder to be a liar these days. Probabily a good thing. But media literacy skills are probabily becoming more important... though I might be skewed because I can only see those whom have logged in. I should get more ram for the PC And an extra harddrive for the G5.
LifeCAst? Very extreme. Very. So open... yikes. Being John Malkiwick anyone? God power? I can watch? Strange how do they handle copyright issues? Oh and one last thought.. I want a sentry laser gun that can kill flys.


Black Abyss

May 23, 2007 Wednesday 1:15 AM Black Abyss

In response to comment..

Anonymous said... A smart human would know the difference between "your" and "you're". Dumbass. Tue May 22, 10:16:00 PM
It chilled my bones to hear stinging remarks emanating from the black abyss that is the net. Shouldn't have let it get to me so much. But if a human is judged not on the basis of complex idea but on tiny details.. than a human being can be reduced to a short order of facts... which it most certainly is not. In an attempt to make anonymous less anonymous I checked the stats.. only the info I wanted was on the stat collection service I discontined. If I had it up still I would have known relative location... and would have been able to determine if it was local or not... I had the time so I could match that with an IP address.. and from then on.... someone could have gone further with the investigation... only that service is blank and i have no IP matched... what a shame. .... Come to think of it, that was the second thing that miffed me while on line. The first was a day ago via the live video feeds of stickam. There was a quite blunt lady casting insults to a group of fellows. I suppose they deserved it but I was taken a back when she could refer to me by name. And though I doubt the rage was fully directed at me I realized how much sharper words are when you can see and hear the person. On brighter notes, I gave my female friend her graduation gift from me and my family. You know, it's as much a gift for her as it is for me... considering I get to see her when she is away now. I'm also helping find a way to use the camera to import video into iMovie. Meanwhile, back at my La Canada Home there are birds on the door... or recently were... My parents took this picture of them nesting on the front door. I'm told they haven't opened the front door in a long time. ... 2:39 AM This page helps me learn... Minty Boost
8:15 PM The day gets much worse... Well... it was pretty bad... Perhaps the Detials of the day should not be mentioned. Just let be forgotten. Such is the power of the record... depending on what you choose to keep or throw away.... changes how it was not how it really was... but how it was. As we all recall.


Prove Your a Smart Human

May 22, 2007 Prove Your a Smart Human

What? Have I finally fixed that stupid audio problem?

Next generation of prove your human. If a train leaves... etc. Solve a math word problem and prove your a 'smart' human. I'll put that on my web form.
it might be nicer not to meet all these people. A lot of them are mean.
I wake up... with a throat that may or may not be decideding its sore. And I write here begining to think... about Prob, should have know this sooner. 4:37 PM Myspace Censors? eh? grrr Read about it
What? Have I finally fixed that stupid audio problem?
same movie but flash?
just a test


Evening Nap II

May 21, 2007 Monday Evening Nap II

Oh Kermit No. No Kermit don't do that. Nice lighting guys. Heat Fozzy Self Replication Maybe live forms are feed backs greatest hits.
2:13 PM

"I somehow doubt narcissists are suicidal"

ldd is the same as otool -L Chat the planet.
9:03 PM Surfing with company.... I did it again... didn't mean to. I've tended to sleep for 5 hours of the night... then catch up 2 hours from 7 to 9 during the day. This is the second day I've done that. Is that, that bad? ... There are cirtainly strange phennum out there. Given, if everyone gives up a little info certain questions can be answered.. One such as the who is with in 100 miles of you. Not descriptive enough but still a useful thing to know. Suppose, your about to move to a new town for a job and you know no one... and your objective is to know 'someone' then that would come in handy.
9:47PM Google IS the web. 9:57 PM Oh my god, someone put the bunny here. There's a bunny on c|net TV Looks like its in the line up of the videos.. they are passing off as a channel. Myth busters had Ask a Ninja... funny. Ask a Myth Buster Ninja
Warning really entering inside head... really.
YES. srm is already on OS Ten! sweet. Whoa, I didn't know the .Trash was where the trash was.. time to take out the trash! For that sensitive data.. awww sensitive. OR..... you could just finder to secure empty trash. ;)
I've heard the old adage.. There's plenty of fish in the sea.... I never really believed it until I found a web site that showed me those fish. And I could browse the isles meeting fish and suddenly being an endless fisherman wasn't out of the question. Even the optimal solution is a fascinating venture for present day looking.
Now leaving really inside Chris's head Phew.


May 20, 2007

May 20, 2007 Sunday 6:21 AM

What to believe?

Psych of Banner Ads

Reiterate these points
About rooming together

You have to read to in 3 pages before...

"Nonetheless, there's a heated debate among social scientists about whether the research to date has been interpreted properly or overplayed to some extent. Having a family income below $25,000, for example, is a stronger predictor of divorce in the first 15 years of marriage than having shared a premarital address. "Having money, a sense of an economically stable future, good communication skills, living in a safe community -- all of those things are more important," says Smock. Because it's impossible to directly compare the effects of marriage and cohabitation, there's just no way to prove cohabiters' higher divorce rates aren't a side effect of their other characteristics, says psychologist William Pinsof, president of the Family Institute at Northwestern University. They may just be less traditional people -- less likely to stay in an unhappy marriage in observance of religious beliefs or for the sake of appearances. "Those who choose to live together before getting married have a different attitude about marriage to begin with. I think cohabiting is a reflection of that, not a cause of higher divorce rates," he says. One population of cohabiters also tends to have less money and lower levels of education, which in itself can strain a relationship. "

3:26 PM I do not think Ubuntu alone will fufil my needs as both a creator and someone whom wants a supported OS for PPC archeticure. So, I looked up the Great Yellow Dog... and am thinking about trying it out. The yellow dog has 3 disks needed for install because they have put together so much. I wonder just how much easyier it might be? I have installed Ubuntu via the Last PPC disk on both my old computers. But for my G5 ? I want to dual boot (mostly for fun) but maybe to get certain OS packages to run that I never could so I can develop for blender or run some sort of alternate movie editing software.


Alive On Line

Skip down to the 19th

May 16, 2007 Wednesday 2:24 PM I recall I liked cleaning surfaces because it made them different and my effort was immediately recognizable. 4:01 PM I put a test live web cam on the site. We'll see if it really should hang around.

"Not all computer text is created equal"

Ron Paul isn't getting enough coverage.. yet His speech on Getting out AS well numerous other speechs are in line with the majority perspective. America isn't a direct democracy it's a representative republic. Ouch. 6:53 PM Good Uses for Idle computer May 18, 2007 Friday 2:15 PM Enforced Loneliness 75% are extroverts eh? Well well. glad to be a introvert... and I'm gald to be aware of the lone by choice and the ones whom are stuck. Though the loneliness as a stressor strikes me... it isn't something I can't believe. I'll accept some interaction than in the course of things. It was kind of strange to read that introverts might be 'even more sensitive' to the sort of interactions.. as in they can't handle too much because of over stimulation. ... Strange.. if I'm understanding that right. May 19, 2007 Saturday 6:38 AM Alive ON Line I've recently entered the world of live on line video and found a few sites that make me well.. alive on line. It's so bizarre. I type a message and suddenly someone is talking about it. I realize that the old... stress resonse from being alone might be nullified with this medium. I also never would believe meeting people would have been possible unless you actually 'do' have a live feed that proves you are what you are. Authetication that works. This is a step closer to that Trans. Society thing. Nice to know real examples exist. Strange stuff... deserving of writing. (think youtube + live video ) and (think myspace + live video) I dont' trust my web cam anymore. AFter you click 'okay' to the take over of teh cam you can never be to sure it's not being used against you. if CSPAN was suddenly alive with communication both ways... now now. That would be nice. I can't believe I'm up so early. But I really like this twist of events. Live net. Live. ustream hosted... I can do a live help show..... sort of... but I don't have much help to offer in the form of 'live' Many people have some sort of profile on the net and it's becoming common to want to check up on people via that sort of thing... So many profiles to fill out.... which there was some standard xml for em. About me Section I'm cool. NO wait I can't say that... since I may be bias or perhaps the view is subjective in which case only 'other's can make the correct measurement of that idea. Furthermore, I would have to conduct a survey to get any idea.. in which case if I statistically analyzed the results I may find that statement statistically significant or else not and therefore it should be void. Course any sort of survey would have to be carefully constructed as to not lead anyone on. I guess that means I can't show them the movies I make or have them watch my juggling or playing of guitar. So this is going to be much harder to state than I thought. ... hey look! I can talk to myself and not talk to myself!
2:28 PM I napped or really slept the rest of the night quota after I had gotten up too early. And somewhere in those dreams that old number idea crept back into my head. Question for General public: If there is a coupon that takes 20% off the price of goods... and you have another that takes 10% price off the goods... which do you use first? The answer? It doesn't matter. Using both coupons in any order reduces the price. And what amount of sale do you get? Try and figure that one out... Also, suppose you have hundrends of coupons that each take off some small percente. Will you get the goods for free? A: Well, yes and no. There will always be 'some' value leftover as a percentage of it is taken off.. and if this value is below the lowest denomination say a penny then perhaps the store will give you the item for free. But there will always be 'some price' even if you had a millon coupons. ~later after calming down I spent the rest of the day a bit dazed after having this wily experience of someone putting me up on line. And I spent the rest of the day experienceing it's affects on my mood and activites. I noted in the DVD Store that I was more likely to just talk to people with ease. It's been a big day. And I can see how some prep can go a long way as far as making a 'good live show' out of things. This is my recent expereince with the live web and I have to say it's got my attention and now that I see the utility I can begin to think how to best fit it in with my plans. It's hard to read a chat room while presenting ideas and keeping pace. I was told I did an alright job though. Not bad for no prep, and like 15 min notice before I was on the front page of the site. It exercises a part of the brain that I use when I do improv. It's that part that can keep the conversation spinning and I think it's a nice hobby to exercises that with. Probably fufiling if you can get some good ideas out there. Which is my main purpose. ... Here is not the best image of me... but the moment when I was on the front page. ... i just started talking to myself out loud over different ideas and that was enough to get noticed. Seond day of having been signed up... barely knew how this player worked... and there I was... live on the front page.



May 15, 2007 Tuesday UnEasy

I do not like the fact that my present but soon to 
be former roomate is leaving just as friends of his
have decided to stay here while he's gone.
I don't know the specifics or when he knew about it
(it seemed like it just might have come up)
but it strikes me as a bit irresponsible. 
Later, I couldn't figure out whether he was asking or 
telling me about it. 
I still have a vested interest in this place for
15 or so more days and its growing increasingly erratic
with all the trouble. 

It's going to be a whole month before anything even has
a 'chance' of calming down. That is annoying. 
I really need more boxes because I forgot about the kitchen.

The unstablityness and the lack of even 'having seen' my
supposed new place does not put me at ease. 

4:02 PM

I'll even have to begin class before I"m fully settled
and work. I'm just annoyed. I"m living in a near permeant
state of annoyance. 

I must have been naive to think that suddenly chaning over
to a more standard arheticure woudl suddenly make all my 
open source compilation problems go away.
But no.
Things look just as hard ... er um
A software problem by any other OS is just as hard.

Oh well, but I made more progress and my mood (once placed
on matters at hand) tends to improve as my skills get
a work out. 

I hear a baby is on the way... My brothers wife is having a 
kid. That makes me an uncle. And also responsible for sending
letters and cards... and cash.

I was surprised to find out relatives of the family have
... wealth. As land assets no less. ... astonishing.


May 14, 2007 Monday

May 13, 2007 Sunday 

May 14, 2007 Monday 
My dreams are filled with people mad at me...
is that worrisome?

Tired of your pencil eraser getting all bend otu of
shape? Re shapen it with a lighter and a table top!
Chris World Tip

A watched install never finishes

If I were to mis a post for a day or so... I probabl shouldn't bother putting anything up. Not even a place holder. It's not always worth it. Maybe only in the notes.... rather than making an extra post. ~later The one thing I spent the whole day doing was installing a dual boot system on my friends PC laptop. The rest of the day was a bit down key... as it appears I've entered the doldrums. A place I often find myself in after the hard and long draining activites have ended and I don't quite feel like bouncing back on my own. These days are akin to the few days at the begining of a break when I just want to relax and take a break. I tend to boost creativiy and productiy a bit futher in. My summer job should keep me getting up on time... as soon as I return to it though. Lots of stuff hasn't been written about. And I have failed to send that e mail to Josh. But I will as well as write about the business ideas.


Some people Graduate.

May 12, 2007 Some people Graduate.

2D animation software

Real ID act?

A series of Ordeals. From housing. To jobing and others....


Missing Time

May 11, 2007 Missing Time
Life is hectic or just plain time consuming so much
so that I miss the writing. That is ashame.

Thinking is believing.

Thinking is believing.

11:49 PM [From Mini Away Journal] How can I not remember those few times back in high school when I retreated to a room to type as party happenings went on downstairs? It wasn't many, but there was one which I find myself taken out of everything. virtually trapped after I find that it drizzles heavily and I'm charged with the duty to time someone before they can have another drink. So, I'm here. Second floor, typing on a friends laptop and contemplating how best to use this time. I have a sneezing bought all through out the night and I'm suppose to get up early tomorrow regardless and I have a feeling I'll be tried through till Sunday morning. I can see it coming and all the quote unquote parties feel more like a chore than anything else. Not my scene. May I re-Iterate? Regardless, I wonder about these times. In the past the burning question seemed to be intro verses extro. I always thought I could walk the line but I'd rather do that when I think I have something to gain by doing so. Joy herself is quite social. Period. In the past I would ridicule myself.. or rather try to dissolve any illusion of the use of the social. Joy has a way to introduce shy types to new things. It's her way I suppose. When I look at the newly exposed I remember myself and I wonder, though I have changed considerably in the confidence arena I still... don't feel motivated to interact. ... ... [interruption] One of these days I'm going to write everything down. [stomach pains]
12:42 am [Back at Home (while I have it)] I stormed back in the light rain. Thinking about how early I'm suppose to get up... and storming over many things... or maybe it's just that irrating prick of a thing called social life that i witness. My salvation comes once I can return to my own sancuary and lead the dizzy dreams bleed away of that loud world of noise and mess. ... I have a feeling I won't be walking my graduation. It would fit well with the trend thus far. No prom. No parties. (really) No grad walking. I would like to finally have total control of the front door for once. No one is allowed in... I'm the only one. And that one bedroom place for which I have not yet seen.. would be a place like that. I see chalneges in the future and in these times I feel some what inadequate for achieving them. I wonder what this road I follow is going to take me. Seems that I witness almost a former mirage of myself at previous closed off states when I saw one of Joy's social test subjects taking flight. But again, I do not feel the impulse. What is it? What could be stopping me? I don't see the gains nearly as much as I seen the annoyance of it all. And I steal away back to my on sanctuary in which after such things turn on me I dont' feel quite the same. ...


Short Entry

May 10, 2007 Short Entry

Top 8 Things I'm learning from having to find a place to live.
7. Get ALL information to everyone months in advance so you can actually 'be' considered for housing.

8. Pre call ALL phone numbers you give so that you can be sure someone will call someone back.

9. Don't trust the rental list place. RentalMarket1 (they're lists are inaccurate and not worth the money)

Saving Gas not myths
"But the biggest fuel saver is driving the speed limit and driving sensibly. 
Rapid starts and stops and exceeding the speed limit will dent your pocketbook. 
Just by adhering to one of those, the Department of Energy estimates that 
drivers can save anywhere between 15 and 98 cents a gallon, again assuming
 pump prices are at $2.97 a gallon."

Nice to know.



May 8, 2007 Tuesday 4:32 PM Injury

I have not hurt myself on a bike like
that in a while.
I was down around 81 F St. and I took 
a short cut through a play ground and things
were smooth up until I tried to get the front
wheel over a wooden step and I fell forward
and something hit my knee.
I feel to the cement side walk in pain.
And sat there clutching... then I rolled
up on jeans and found blood.
I had gotten cut right through the jeans.

This made waiting for the Storage office to 
open a bit of a chor since I was now siting
out in front with a bleeding knee and I knew
I still had to ride all the way home.

6:55 PM
I don't think what I made could be called
pan cakes. They were more like batter filled
packets of bread. Filling though.. but I had
made noodles too. 


75 Degrees or A Degree of Agony

May 7, 2007 75 Degrees or A Degree of Agony

Know when your in College
for too long
Why is most of this list so dead on?

5:17 PM Although when I first got up I noticed the temp was going to be 'warm' 75 degrees is a bit too warm when the tempurature your used to is 65 or so. The heat added to the stress of the day actually. And I think My current land lord is not responidign to calls from the housing place and its holding things up. That and I've noticed...
Top 6 Things I'm learning from having to find a place to live.
6. Having a car to 'get' to the various housing offices is almost essential to competitively getting a place.

I have no idea what sort of graduation gifts to get everyone.
I'm not even a gift guy... but in times like these it only
comes around once. And Sadie and Linda and even Emily have helped
me out a lot.

But I'm so bad at these things.

I have two finals left but I really only have to study
for one of them.
It may be optimal to just drop the minors and leave.
I doubt they will have that much impact. 
Maybe I should get a credential. I mean a teaching one.

I'm told stamp postage has risen again
It's now 41 cents.
I bought stamps today. 

Ack. I forgot about mothers day.

5:29 PM
Everytime I go back to the place (American Property Mang.)
the desk person looks so annoyed. I don't know if she is 
really happy in her job. She probably speaks with a lot
of tense people too.
Currently now doing landry.
Maybe for the last time here.

Successful and daily produced vlogs have a few things in common. They can be shot infront of a desk or blue screen. They might have a small time working together to produce it. They have a strong show format. They have a server of some kind ot add extra features to the posts. Their brand is instantly recognizable. Though I've been more un focused on any one thing I think if I took a stab at a couple of the above I might have a shot at making something. Whatever it is that ultimately works. ... 6:00 PM I think I've maxed out my 'being social' card for today. Now, returning to 'single user' mode. And typing. 6:30 PM tech notes POP3 and IMAP4 A certain friend of mine wanted to be able to do this... Set up Mac OS X Mail to collect gmail 7:45 PM The evening air is nice though. 11:07 PM Everytime I tired to take a nap I was awaked. Everytime I tried to rest and be by myself I was jossled. This day is annoying. But the late evening air was okay. I liked the coolish breeze I felt at slightly before dusk. The colors in the sky were nice as I rode out to help my friend.


Not a Room

May 6, 2007 Sunday Not a Room

Movie selection for today...

Jam Session 1

Comes in all the way back from Dec. 20 2006 I just decided to play and post. This was the result.
My room is much more barren. It's lost all of what once made it a room. A place to live. The walls are drained and smoothed allowing the soft whispers to myself to echo showing me how empty the place really is. It affects my attiude in a very subtile but reducing way. And I recall all the times when the room became empty and I had to move from here or to there. It's a soft panging on the hollow drum which is my heart... in times like these. Seems, the standard score for moving is every 2 years. It might be shorter this time. It was somewhat exciting to move all that stuff earlier today. I thought I would be much more dead and tired as I have found myself in teh past when given the task of moving all my stuff. But this time it was exciting and the storage place was such a change from the regular things I'm used to. I liked it. And I liked bounding down the stairs, through a hall way of red adjacent doors. It was like a scene from teh matrix. A long hall way with doors extending all the way down. Course Neo wasn't skipping along ever. (though that would be a completely different feel for the movie) It's been a long day and its worn on me for long enough. Time to call it quits. p.s. Printing addresses direclty to evenlopes is very cool.


Day Missed

May 5, 2007
That's all I can say.


No Clearance

May 4, 2007 Friday No Clearance

CC the Debates!

Good Stuff to Waste your
time with
I thought this was something very interesting. I'll keep it 
in mind.

W.G.T., much like Nasa's Clickworks project, is an exercise in crowd sourcing. Interested users can donate small bits of time by analyzing single frames within a much larger video (in this case the first televised performance of the Moonwalk). This enables the production of information that otherwise would be prohibitively labor intensive. Working under the principal that useful data can be gathered by asking internet users to perform "...tasks that require human perception and common sense, but may not require a lot of scientific training." (~NASA)

----- Bin packing and You What does computer scinece have to say about moving your stuff into places? -when checkinhg out apartments be sure to bring something that you can plug in to sockets. And a messering tape. Empty rooms can be deceiving. "I'm used to being the playful tomboy girl next door" (joy 3:54 PM 5.4.2007) What she said after she got dressed up for the banquet and mentioned how she felt weird.
No One else in the world has Clearance to read the following
. . ' . . - - = ? . ? , ? . , ' . ' . ? . ? ' ( ) . ? ( , ) ( ) - ( ' ) , ...
Originally I thought the class existed to promote the Amer. Machine but now I realize it was to help resolve it. I wonder if that was the intent when the powers that be chose to require this as one of the state mandate courses. If it wasn't that ****** ***** deserves a whole lot of respect.


Bounce Rate

May 2, 2007 Wednesday 7:21 Bounce Rate

I realize I have to take the initizvie when
it comes to taking care of a certain female.
Now that i get it I understand the task a whole 
lot better. I also know handling her would be a 
lot easier if she can just relax into a stable
schedule. ... it's just helping her through 
these troubling times that makes life difficult.

In all the fuss I've forgotten about myself.
I told one of my professors that I wouldn't
be in class today due to circumstances and 
after a series of other concerned questions 
he asked...

"Who is taking care of you?"

I was stunned. Me? What? Someone is suppose to take care of me? That was a strange concept and I spent the better part of an hour trying to sort through the idea... well not really, in actuality I was still helping my friend get back on her feet 'so to speak' But still... even she is concerned for my well being during these times... strange. Very strange... as I have always witnessed myself as automonos and functional. It never occured to me until a professary asked a strikingly direct question. ... other notes ... Looks like at some point I'll accept my accidentaly failure in one of my GE classes and move on. Failing hurts, but much more when you were a single signature away from passing. It hurts espeicaly when that signutre was through away by your truly in a fit of paper cleaning having taken place 3 or so weeks pre-maturely. ...
In addition to your daily blog, post an old film. Everyday, a different "oldie but a goodie" with a line under it, "for more samples of my movie experiments, click the 'Just the Movies' button on the left." That way, your blog gets the visual lift of a movie, it's a high profile way to get people to your old movies, and ultimately the world gets reintroduced to ***."
-- side note - When putting files on a USB Key with Mac OS X remember that you have to empty the trash when you delete the files before the computer will know there is room there. Excerpt from... Simple little things that cause people problems on the computer. 7:21 PM My stats tell me that the bounce rate for my site is nearly 100% This means that as soon as people find the place they leave. Figures. Sometimes I wish 'I' could bounce out of places. But why not bring back some classics? Before they leave. I suppose this means I'm officially going into re runs.. the thought chills me. Has it come to this? Regardless, here was the some what controversial

Don't Use... Use.

Featuring the morphing effect to highlight the transition from one old software paradigm to the next. This movie first hit the web back on February 12, 2007 Funny part was someone posted it here as well. I suppose i recount this movie because currently I've been packing and sorting all my stuff preparing for a move to... I have know I idea where yet.... and I realized that the box I labeled software doesn't play the same role that it might once have. Software today isn't bound by pass codes and CD's but is freely and legally available for use and copy due to the magnificent thing known as the Open Source Movement. This makes old boxes of prehistoric softwore obsolete.
Whoa my hat goes off to this guy.... I'd better talk to him. Him in 1997 Him in 2002 Him in 2005 Him in 2005 again Him in 2006 .. And his site is up and if he needs a movie about him... I'd offer to help.


Pain is a necessary evil

May 1, 2007 Tuesday 4:21 PM Pain is a necessary evil

Life would be unmanaable if there were not 
moments when I was able to forget about the
scrape I'm in.

During a 'good' lecture by a 'good' lecturer.
parts where I laugh at episodes of a certain goddess series
Lighter moments spent with *** 

The rest of the time its noxious.

And what the L is wrong with bloggers blog blog
editing system?

Look at that mess! That isn't photoshop or gimp. That is how
it looks when I try to edit blocks with the blogger web 
software. 2 scroll bars don't do anything but get in the way.
It's hideous and distracting and if I didn't have to 
look at it everytime I wanted to edit certain things it would
have been funny. But it is not.

"pain is a necessary evil"

11:37 pm How fitting that my bed broke today as well. Life isn't good right now. And I find concentartion rather difficult. And sleep fairly scant. So what now? ... I just found out that 75% of visits are new? That's strange I thought people whom visited only visited if they had known about the blog from before? And to think none of them are seeing all the old movies. That is ashame. Really, I need some flashy movie up everyday or if that dang img tag would actually work we would see something on the side... but it won't and that makes me un happy too.


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