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75 Degrees or A Degree of Agony

May 7, 2007 75 Degrees or A Degree of Agony

Know when your in College
for too long
Why is most of this list so dead on?

5:17 PM Although when I first got up I noticed the temp was going to be 'warm' 75 degrees is a bit too warm when the tempurature your used to is 65 or so. The heat added to the stress of the day actually. And I think My current land lord is not responidign to calls from the housing place and its holding things up. That and I've noticed...
Top 6 Things I'm learning from having to find a place to live.
6. Having a car to 'get' to the various housing offices is almost essential to competitively getting a place.

I have no idea what sort of graduation gifts to get everyone.
I'm not even a gift guy... but in times like these it only
comes around once. And Sadie and Linda and even Emily have helped
me out a lot.

But I'm so bad at these things.

I have two finals left but I really only have to study
for one of them.
It may be optimal to just drop the minors and leave.
I doubt they will have that much impact. 
Maybe I should get a credential. I mean a teaching one.

I'm told stamp postage has risen again
It's now 41 cents.
I bought stamps today. 

Ack. I forgot about mothers day.

5:29 PM
Everytime I go back to the place (American Property Mang.)
the desk person looks so annoyed. I don't know if she is 
really happy in her job. She probably speaks with a lot
of tense people too.
Currently now doing landry.
Maybe for the last time here.

Successful and daily produced vlogs have a few things in common. They can be shot infront of a desk or blue screen. They might have a small time working together to produce it. They have a strong show format. They have a server of some kind ot add extra features to the posts. Their brand is instantly recognizable. Though I've been more un focused on any one thing I think if I took a stab at a couple of the above I might have a shot at making something. Whatever it is that ultimately works. ... 6:00 PM I think I've maxed out my 'being social' card for today. Now, returning to 'single user' mode. And typing. 6:30 PM tech notes POP3 and IMAP4 A certain friend of mine wanted to be able to do this... Set up Mac OS X Mail to collect gmail 7:45 PM The evening air is nice though. 11:07 PM Everytime I tired to take a nap I was awaked. Everytime I tried to rest and be by myself I was jossled. This day is annoying. But the late evening air was okay. I liked the coolish breeze I felt at slightly before dusk. The colors in the sky were nice as I rode out to help my friend.

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