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Black Abyss

May 23, 2007 Wednesday 1:15 AM Black Abyss

In response to comment..

Anonymous said... A smart human would know the difference between "your" and "you're". Dumbass. Tue May 22, 10:16:00 PM
It chilled my bones to hear stinging remarks emanating from the black abyss that is the net. Shouldn't have let it get to me so much. But if a human is judged not on the basis of complex idea but on tiny details.. than a human being can be reduced to a short order of facts... which it most certainly is not. In an attempt to make anonymous less anonymous I checked the stats.. only the info I wanted was on the stat collection service I discontined. If I had it up still I would have known relative location... and would have been able to determine if it was local or not... I had the time so I could match that with an IP address.. and from then on.... someone could have gone further with the investigation... only that service is blank and i have no IP matched... what a shame. .... Come to think of it, that was the second thing that miffed me while on line. The first was a day ago via the live video feeds of stickam. There was a quite blunt lady casting insults to a group of fellows. I suppose they deserved it but I was taken a back when she could refer to me by name. And though I doubt the rage was fully directed at me I realized how much sharper words are when you can see and hear the person. On brighter notes, I gave my female friend her graduation gift from me and my family. You know, it's as much a gift for her as it is for me... considering I get to see her when she is away now. I'm also helping find a way to use the camera to import video into iMovie. Meanwhile, back at my La Canada Home there are birds on the door... or recently were... My parents took this picture of them nesting on the front door. I'm told they haven't opened the front door in a long time. ... 2:39 AM This page helps me learn... Minty Boost
8:15 PM The day gets much worse... Well... it was pretty bad... Perhaps the Detials of the day should not be mentioned. Just let be forgotten. Such is the power of the record... depending on what you choose to keep or throw away.... changes how it was not how it really was... but how it was. As we all recall.

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Dad said...

The birds flew away yesterday.

Once again we are free to be bothered by Jehovah Witnesses.


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