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May 2, 2007 Wednesday 7:21 Bounce Rate

I realize I have to take the initizvie when
it comes to taking care of a certain female.
Now that i get it I understand the task a whole 
lot better. I also know handling her would be a 
lot easier if she can just relax into a stable
schedule. ... it's just helping her through 
these troubling times that makes life difficult.

In all the fuss I've forgotten about myself.
I told one of my professors that I wouldn't
be in class today due to circumstances and 
after a series of other concerned questions 
he asked...

"Who is taking care of you?"

I was stunned. Me? What? Someone is suppose to take care of me? That was a strange concept and I spent the better part of an hour trying to sort through the idea... well not really, in actuality I was still helping my friend get back on her feet 'so to speak' But still... even she is concerned for my well being during these times... strange. Very strange... as I have always witnessed myself as automonos and functional. It never occured to me until a professary asked a strikingly direct question. ... other notes ... Looks like at some point I'll accept my accidentaly failure in one of my GE classes and move on. Failing hurts, but much more when you were a single signature away from passing. It hurts espeicaly when that signutre was through away by your truly in a fit of paper cleaning having taken place 3 or so weeks pre-maturely. ...
In addition to your daily blog, post an old film. Everyday, a different "oldie but a goodie" with a line under it, "for more samples of my movie experiments, click the 'Just the Movies' button on the left." That way, your blog gets the visual lift of a movie, it's a high profile way to get people to your old movies, and ultimately the world gets reintroduced to ***."
-- side note - When putting files on a USB Key with Mac OS X remember that you have to empty the trash when you delete the files before the computer will know there is room there. Excerpt from... Simple little things that cause people problems on the computer. 7:21 PM My stats tell me that the bounce rate for my site is nearly 100% This means that as soon as people find the place they leave. Figures. Sometimes I wish 'I' could bounce out of places. But why not bring back some classics? Before they leave. I suppose this means I'm officially going into re runs.. the thought chills me. Has it come to this? Regardless, here was the some what controversial

Don't Use... Use.

Featuring the morphing effect to highlight the transition from one old software paradigm to the next. This movie first hit the web back on February 12, 2007 Funny part was someone posted it here as well. I suppose i recount this movie because currently I've been packing and sorting all my stuff preparing for a move to... I have know I idea where yet.... and I realized that the box I labeled software doesn't play the same role that it might once have. Software today isn't bound by pass codes and CD's but is freely and legally available for use and copy due to the magnificent thing known as the Open Source Movement. This makes old boxes of prehistoric softwore obsolete.
Whoa my hat goes off to this guy.... I'd better talk to him. Him in 1997 Him in 2002 Him in 2005 Him in 2005 again Him in 2006 .. And his site is up and if he needs a movie about him... I'd offer to help.

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