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May 16, 2007 Wednesday 2:24 PM I recall I liked cleaning surfaces because it made them different and my effort was immediately recognizable. 4:01 PM I put a test live web cam on the site. We'll see if it really should hang around.

"Not all computer text is created equal"

Ron Paul isn't getting enough coverage.. yet His speech on Getting out AS well numerous other speechs are in line with the majority perspective. America isn't a direct democracy it's a representative republic. Ouch. 6:53 PM Good Uses for Idle computer May 18, 2007 Friday 2:15 PM Enforced Loneliness 75% are extroverts eh? Well well. glad to be a introvert... and I'm gald to be aware of the lone by choice and the ones whom are stuck. Though the loneliness as a stressor strikes me... it isn't something I can't believe. I'll accept some interaction than in the course of things. It was kind of strange to read that introverts might be 'even more sensitive' to the sort of interactions.. as in they can't handle too much because of over stimulation. ... Strange.. if I'm understanding that right. May 19, 2007 Saturday 6:38 AM Alive ON Line I've recently entered the world of live on line video and found a few sites that make me well.. alive on line. It's so bizarre. I type a message and suddenly someone is talking about it. I realize that the old... stress resonse from being alone might be nullified with this medium. I also never would believe meeting people would have been possible unless you actually 'do' have a live feed that proves you are what you are. Authetication that works. This is a step closer to that Trans. Society thing. Nice to know real examples exist. Strange stuff... deserving of writing. (think youtube + live video ) and (think myspace + live video) I dont' trust my web cam anymore. AFter you click 'okay' to the take over of teh cam you can never be to sure it's not being used against you. if CSPAN was suddenly alive with communication both ways... now now. That would be nice. I can't believe I'm up so early. But I really like this twist of events. Live net. Live. ustream hosted... I can do a live help show..... sort of... but I don't have much help to offer in the form of 'live' Many people have some sort of profile on the net and it's becoming common to want to check up on people via that sort of thing... So many profiles to fill out.... which there was some standard xml for em. About me Section I'm cool. NO wait I can't say that... since I may be bias or perhaps the view is subjective in which case only 'other's can make the correct measurement of that idea. Furthermore, I would have to conduct a survey to get any idea.. in which case if I statistically analyzed the results I may find that statement statistically significant or else not and therefore it should be void. Course any sort of survey would have to be carefully constructed as to not lead anyone on. I guess that means I can't show them the movies I make or have them watch my juggling or playing of guitar. So this is going to be much harder to state than I thought. ... hey look! I can talk to myself and not talk to myself!
2:28 PM I napped or really slept the rest of the night quota after I had gotten up too early. And somewhere in those dreams that old number idea crept back into my head. Question for General public: If there is a coupon that takes 20% off the price of goods... and you have another that takes 10% price off the goods... which do you use first? The answer? It doesn't matter. Using both coupons in any order reduces the price. And what amount of sale do you get? Try and figure that one out... Also, suppose you have hundrends of coupons that each take off some small percente. Will you get the goods for free? A: Well, yes and no. There will always be 'some' value leftover as a percentage of it is taken off.. and if this value is below the lowest denomination say a penny then perhaps the store will give you the item for free. But there will always be 'some price' even if you had a millon coupons. ~later after calming down I spent the rest of the day a bit dazed after having this wily experience of someone putting me up on line. And I spent the rest of the day experienceing it's affects on my mood and activites. I noted in the DVD Store that I was more likely to just talk to people with ease. It's been a big day. And I can see how some prep can go a long way as far as making a 'good live show' out of things. This is my recent expereince with the live web and I have to say it's got my attention and now that I see the utility I can begin to think how to best fit it in with my plans. It's hard to read a chat room while presenting ideas and keeping pace. I was told I did an alright job though. Not bad for no prep, and like 15 min notice before I was on the front page of the site. It exercises a part of the brain that I use when I do improv. It's that part that can keep the conversation spinning and I think it's a nice hobby to exercises that with. Probably fufiling if you can get some good ideas out there. Which is my main purpose. ... Here is not the best image of me... but the moment when I was on the front page. ... i just started talking to myself out loud over different ideas and that was enough to get noticed. Seond day of having been signed up... barely knew how this player worked... and there I was... live on the front page.

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