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Evening Nap II

May 21, 2007 Monday Evening Nap II

Oh Kermit No. No Kermit don't do that. Nice lighting guys. Heat Fozzy Self Replication Maybe live forms are feed backs greatest hits.
2:13 PM

"I somehow doubt narcissists are suicidal"

ldd is the same as otool -L Chat the planet.
9:03 PM Surfing with company.... I did it again... didn't mean to. I've tended to sleep for 5 hours of the night... then catch up 2 hours from 7 to 9 during the day. This is the second day I've done that. Is that, that bad? ... There are cirtainly strange phennum out there. Given, if everyone gives up a little info certain questions can be answered.. One such as the who is with in 100 miles of you. Not descriptive enough but still a useful thing to know. Suppose, your about to move to a new town for a job and you know no one... and your objective is to know 'someone' then that would come in handy.
9:47PM Google IS the web. 9:57 PM Oh my god, someone put the bunny here. There's a bunny on c|net TV Looks like its in the line up of the videos.. they are passing off as a channel. Myth busters had Ask a Ninja... funny. Ask a Myth Buster Ninja
Warning really entering inside head... really.
YES. srm is already on OS Ten! sweet. Whoa, I didn't know the .Trash was where the trash was.. time to take out the trash! For that sensitive data.. awww sensitive. OR..... you could just finder to secure empty trash. ;)
I've heard the old adage.. There's plenty of fish in the sea.... I never really believed it until I found a web site that showed me those fish. And I could browse the isles meeting fish and suddenly being an endless fisherman wasn't out of the question. Even the optimal solution is a fascinating venture for present day looking.
Now leaving really inside Chris's head Phew.

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