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May 26, 2007 Saturday Fixed Website

Hell Week is upon me... a week where I'll
have no place to go and no nice place to 
sleep.... What can I expect? High stress...
poor sleep.. no aloneness... ack.
yep, hell week comes in just days.

It does say in the contract that you can
have a guest for up to 2 weeks before having
to tell the LL. So, I'm within constraints.
But seriously.. it would have been far nicer
to have a place to live before I have to leave here.

My opinion of facebook is changing due to the 
fact they are opening up to developers and showing
off their stylish open source selfs..
course their Terms of Service claim they can share
info... I suppose all corps do that but they just
don't admit to it.. and I suppose having 3rd party apps
falls under that category or at least very near

Oh my god.. she has her own domain now.. She was the one that .. something about some big company discovered her? I forget.
2:04 PM Funny rabbits huh? Clip Show 52
Can you tell I have repressed rage? This was my home my sanctuary for 2 years and I'm being driven out in a somewhat unfortunate and uncomfortable way. Maybe it won't be too bad.... Either way I don't want to find out till I have to. I don't want to sufficate. That would be bad. This is not going to be fun. A week difference between leaving this place and moving in to a place I've never seen with nothing really nailed down. I really hope this isn't any sort of extended stay. I might be off line for a while That's okay since the main thing I have to do is clean my harddrive. I could start files on teh iPod and take them into the lab once a day to post.
10:55 PM I finally fixed my website.. I even acidently lost the old template... which was alright because I had firebug and some know how to make it work right and it was painless!

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