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May 8, 2007 Tuesday 4:32 PM Injury

I have not hurt myself on a bike like
that in a while.
I was down around 81 F St. and I took 
a short cut through a play ground and things
were smooth up until I tried to get the front
wheel over a wooden step and I fell forward
and something hit my knee.
I feel to the cement side walk in pain.
And sat there clutching... then I rolled
up on jeans and found blood.
I had gotten cut right through the jeans.

This made waiting for the Storage office to 
open a bit of a chor since I was now siting
out in front with a bleeding knee and I knew
I still had to ride all the way home.

6:55 PM
I don't think what I made could be called
pan cakes. They were more like batter filled
packets of bread. Filling though.. but I had
made noodles too. 

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