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Inverse Strikes Back

May 3, 2007 Thursday Inverse Strikes Back

This comment was left just today.

"wow dude your like so damn smarter than anyone 
i met and anyone who is or acts cocky about how 
smart they are " (Jaysnipes)

What? All I did was invert a fraction. 
Can't people invert fractions?

The movie in question...

What the Inverse?

Came out February 21, 2007 Joy asked me, "Why do you have to do that fraction inverse thing when you divide fractions?" and this was my response. She had told me she asked a bunch of people earlier in the day and no one knew. It was the first time I used color bars for outakes at the end. Peoples options for the war ...
I walked home from American Instituions thinking about the final class session. I thought about what Dan (the lecturer) had said. Actually, I noticed how he spoke. It was with out the persona he usually kept up during classes. It was with out that entiearin sparkle even thought that held attention and captivated the entire 160 or so students in the lecture hall. What struck me was that he had come done to simply speak plainly about the class, and I think (if guessing correctly) his un spoken question was what were we going to do to help change the world for the better. I think in times like these, if he as indeed done his job, which I believe he has, He would know by the number of students that stayed after class got out to personaly thank him or ask what the next step was. It is a small victory for some fraction of this 160 student class gets the message about the world. About what we (the ones whom are consicnoe) are up agaisn't. The trememdous courage and respointl and perhaps pain that would be required to over come somewhat insurmountable odds in this new centary. The picture doesn't look good for the world. But maybe this small part of it does. This space, this time was well spent... at least for me I'd say. ...
Originally I thought the class existed to promote the Amer. Machine but now I realize it was to help resolve it. I wonder if that was the intent when the powers that be chose to require this as one of the state mandate courses. If it wasn't that ****** ***** deserves a whole lot of respect.

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