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Live Cast???

May 24, 2007 Thursday Live Cast???
So much pain and negativity these days.
So much.

2:37 PM
Sometimes I wonder if my Idenity has been stolen
because I get all sorts of calls that say
thanks for filling out that loan request and
here's more information on your morgate.

No what is this?


I need to try again to get my free credit report
from the 3 companies They didn't hink it was 'me'
last time. Go figure.

So are these people fakes?

That's a screen shot of the image for Trust but not
a link. ..hMMmmm

Probabily happens a lot..

Dear **** ****,


I accendently deleted the mail in my box.
With the Mail App

Maybe I'll do that movie about "So your making the transtion from some sort of college e mail account to some other account and you really dont' want to leave anyone hanging?" Well TELL them your moving but keep checking the old account for a grace period... What a pain you say? Configure Mac's to help you check alll your accounts. I should do that movie. I have one final thing to fix with it. I guess, being live on the left side of my website enables a sort of help line. Go figure.
Torture week si coming up. A week were I have no offical place to live. For at least a week. And it's the week classes start.
It's hardder and harder to be a liar these days. Probabily a good thing. But media literacy skills are probabily becoming more important... though I might be skewed because I can only see those whom have logged in. I should get more ram for the PC And an extra harddrive for the G5.
LifeCAst? Very extreme. Very. So open... yikes. Being John Malkiwick anyone? God power? I can watch? Strange how do they handle copyright issues? Oh and one last thought.. I want a sentry laser gun that can kill flys.

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