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May 14, 2007 Monday

May 13, 2007 Sunday 

May 14, 2007 Monday 
My dreams are filled with people mad at me...
is that worrisome?

Tired of your pencil eraser getting all bend otu of
shape? Re shapen it with a lighter and a table top!
Chris World Tip

A watched install never finishes

If I were to mis a post for a day or so... I probabl shouldn't bother putting anything up. Not even a place holder. It's not always worth it. Maybe only in the notes.... rather than making an extra post. ~later The one thing I spent the whole day doing was installing a dual boot system on my friends PC laptop. The rest of the day was a bit down key... as it appears I've entered the doldrums. A place I often find myself in after the hard and long draining activites have ended and I don't quite feel like bouncing back on my own. These days are akin to the few days at the begining of a break when I just want to relax and take a break. I tend to boost creativiy and productiy a bit futher in. My summer job should keep me getting up on time... as soon as I return to it though. Lots of stuff hasn't been written about. And I have failed to send that e mail to Josh. But I will as well as write about the business ideas.

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