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May 20, 2007

May 20, 2007 Sunday 6:21 AM

What to believe?

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Reiterate these points
About rooming together

You have to read to in 3 pages before...

"Nonetheless, there's a heated debate among social scientists about whether the research to date has been interpreted properly or overplayed to some extent. Having a family income below $25,000, for example, is a stronger predictor of divorce in the first 15 years of marriage than having shared a premarital address. "Having money, a sense of an economically stable future, good communication skills, living in a safe community -- all of those things are more important," says Smock. Because it's impossible to directly compare the effects of marriage and cohabitation, there's just no way to prove cohabiters' higher divorce rates aren't a side effect of their other characteristics, says psychologist William Pinsof, president of the Family Institute at Northwestern University. They may just be less traditional people -- less likely to stay in an unhappy marriage in observance of religious beliefs or for the sake of appearances. "Those who choose to live together before getting married have a different attitude about marriage to begin with. I think cohabiting is a reflection of that, not a cause of higher divorce rates," he says. One population of cohabiters also tends to have less money and lower levels of education, which in itself can strain a relationship. "

3:26 PM I do not think Ubuntu alone will fufil my needs as both a creator and someone whom wants a supported OS for PPC archeticure. So, I looked up the Great Yellow Dog... and am thinking about trying it out. The yellow dog has 3 disks needed for install because they have put together so much. I wonder just how much easyier it might be? I have installed Ubuntu via the Last PPC disk on both my old computers. But for my G5 ? I want to dual boot (mostly for fun) but maybe to get certain OS packages to run that I never could so I can develop for blender or run some sort of alternate movie editing software.

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