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May 4, 2007 Friday No Clearance

CC the Debates!

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W.G.T., much like Nasa's Clickworks project, is an exercise in crowd sourcing. Interested users can donate small bits of time by analyzing single frames within a much larger video (in this case the first televised performance of the Moonwalk). This enables the production of information that otherwise would be prohibitively labor intensive. Working under the principal that useful data can be gathered by asking internet users to perform "...tasks that require human perception and common sense, but may not require a lot of scientific training." (~NASA)

----- Bin packing and You What does computer scinece have to say about moving your stuff into places? -when checkinhg out apartments be sure to bring something that you can plug in to sockets. And a messering tape. Empty rooms can be deceiving. "I'm used to being the playful tomboy girl next door" (joy 3:54 PM 5.4.2007) What she said after she got dressed up for the banquet and mentioned how she felt weird.
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