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Not an Addict, then what?

May 28, 2007 Monday 1:00 PM Not an Addict, then what?

I may or may not have the net for next week.
If that is the case I think I should post
a banner that explains the condition.

If I have to post via the library computers does
that classify as an "Away Journal Entry?"  
Sort of an interesting question for my own cataloging
I hear some slash 'most' only scan for points of information
in the posts... Maybe someday I'll summarize in an outline at 
the top.

If I have no net than the work on the computer is basically 
what I'm doing now... cleaning it making ready for a fresh
Erase and Install... then looking for the correct harddrive
to add to it so that I can have a enough space to create
full length DVD's of high quality footage.

Meanwhile, many ideas that have come up have not been
written. Only in notes to others which is ashame because 
all that typing goes to waste when they end the session.
I should have copy and pasted sooner.

I hear that non trivial computer acitiies was the main 
compoent of internet adiction. Which, exactly are my 
non trivial computer activities?

*Checking vocabulary words
*Making notes (of all kinds)
*Practicing my 3D modeling skills both in front and away from people.
*Editing and posting video to enhance my web presence so that employers know 
 who I am and increase the odds of obtaining teleWork.
*Researching the stickam, youtube and Facebook API in order to make 
 applictions that utilize those services. On which I can cite as actual
 examples of my work for my resume and can tag some video of mine in
 the release to gain more exposure. Thereby building brand...
 Chris makes this software. Isn't he entertaining and education too?
*Going Weblive generally boosts the number of subscribes to my movies
 to 2 or more verse the previous average of 1 every 2 months.
*Checking various news sources
*watching vlogs? I'm always on the look out for material under the CC
 license. In order to find footage I can use... and many people
 with my same mentality have put stuff under that sort of license.

So what of those is 'non essencail and waste of time?'
Perhaps this is the only one that comes close...

*Playing music to relax which by the way I tend to find and listen
 to open license work in order to use it in movies.
 So even that has some sort of helpful motive.

If I am an addict I must be a very very very productive one.
And if it is a vice its not like I'm going to have it forever...
just trying real hard right now.

I think ze's birthday is 3-31 Very Clever Ironically enough the class I'll be taking is stress management.

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