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May 6, 2007 Sunday Not a Room

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Jam Session 1

Comes in all the way back from Dec. 20 2006 I just decided to play and post. This was the result.
My room is much more barren. It's lost all of what once made it a room. A place to live. The walls are drained and smoothed allowing the soft whispers to myself to echo showing me how empty the place really is. It affects my attiude in a very subtile but reducing way. And I recall all the times when the room became empty and I had to move from here or to there. It's a soft panging on the hollow drum which is my heart... in times like these. Seems, the standard score for moving is every 2 years. It might be shorter this time. It was somewhat exciting to move all that stuff earlier today. I thought I would be much more dead and tired as I have found myself in teh past when given the task of moving all my stuff. But this time it was exciting and the storage place was such a change from the regular things I'm used to. I liked it. And I liked bounding down the stairs, through a hall way of red adjacent doors. It was like a scene from teh matrix. A long hall way with doors extending all the way down. Course Neo wasn't skipping along ever. (though that would be a completely different feel for the movie) It's been a long day and its worn on me for long enough. Time to call it quits. p.s. Printing addresses direclty to evenlopes is very cool.

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