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Off Net?

May 30, 2007 Wednesday 6:53 PM Off Net?


My net access may be sparatic for a bit. This doesn't mean I won't be writing. Just not getting to post. We'll see what happens. Signed, The Management.
CO In your face Daniel, the Carbon Monoxide detector 'did' go off and I did get a headache at the time. I guess it is a pretty good thing I'm cautious.
North American Union? Wha? ... Net Censorship? the world over. Perhaps, it is a bit nieve to think that you can access information anywhere in the world via the net. Considering, many many people still don't ahve clean solid access... I enjoy a sort of elite image of the world I download. .... Will this ever change? .... different note.. Strong anonymity has it's place. FreeNet Richard Dawkins

1 comment:

Daniel said...

Well I do belive I said it could theoredicaly kill you if you didn't leave the door open.


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