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Pain is a necessary evil

May 1, 2007 Tuesday 4:21 PM Pain is a necessary evil

Life would be unmanaable if there were not 
moments when I was able to forget about the
scrape I'm in.

During a 'good' lecture by a 'good' lecturer.
parts where I laugh at episodes of a certain goddess series
Lighter moments spent with *** 

The rest of the time its noxious.

And what the L is wrong with bloggers blog blog
editing system?

Look at that mess! That isn't photoshop or gimp. That is how
it looks when I try to edit blocks with the blogger web 
software. 2 scroll bars don't do anything but get in the way.
It's hideous and distracting and if I didn't have to 
look at it everytime I wanted to edit certain things it would
have been funny. But it is not.

"pain is a necessary evil"

11:37 pm How fitting that my bed broke today as well. Life isn't good right now. And I find concentartion rather difficult. And sleep fairly scant. So what now? ... I just found out that 75% of visits are new? That's strange I thought people whom visited only visited if they had known about the blog from before? And to think none of them are seeing all the old movies. That is ashame. Really, I need some flashy movie up everyday or if that dang img tag would actually work we would see something on the side... but it won't and that makes me un happy too.

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Anonymous said...

In addition to your daily blog, post an old film. Everyday, a different "oldie but a goodie" with a line under it, "for more samples of my movie experiments, click the 'Just the Movies' button on the left."

That way, your blog gets the visual lift of a movie, it's a high profile way to get people to your old movies, and ultimately the world gets reintroduced to ***.


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