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May 15, 2007 Tuesday UnEasy

I do not like the fact that my present but soon to 
be former roomate is leaving just as friends of his
have decided to stay here while he's gone.
I don't know the specifics or when he knew about it
(it seemed like it just might have come up)
but it strikes me as a bit irresponsible. 
Later, I couldn't figure out whether he was asking or 
telling me about it. 
I still have a vested interest in this place for
15 or so more days and its growing increasingly erratic
with all the trouble. 

It's going to be a whole month before anything even has
a 'chance' of calming down. That is annoying. 
I really need more boxes because I forgot about the kitchen.

The unstablityness and the lack of even 'having seen' my
supposed new place does not put me at ease. 

4:02 PM

I'll even have to begin class before I"m fully settled
and work. I'm just annoyed. I"m living in a near permeant
state of annoyance. 

I must have been naive to think that suddenly chaning over
to a more standard arheticure woudl suddenly make all my 
open source compilation problems go away.
But no.
Things look just as hard ... er um
A software problem by any other OS is just as hard.

Oh well, but I made more progress and my mood (once placed
on matters at hand) tends to improve as my skills get
a work out. 

I hear a baby is on the way... My brothers wife is having a 
kid. That makes me an uncle. And also responsible for sending
letters and cards... and cash.

I was surprised to find out relatives of the family have
... wealth. As land assets no less. ... astonishing.

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