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June 27, 2007 Wednesday **** ************ ******** ******

Motorola RAZR
"It should be noted that the V3m is artificially crippled by Verizon Wireless"

This post was originaly to be viewed but upon certain responses will be with held. To those whom know the trick read on regardless.



June 26, 2007 I FEEL Bad.

That was for most of the day.. but it got better...
I guess.

Continuing to model this head from scratch. Can't yet seem to get the smoothing down on the skull but I've made lots of progress in my modeling skills anyway.

Rendered out with SSS for that health skin like shine.

Feel bad?

I wish I coudl say I have no idea why. But I think I do. And I think I have inner turmoil. About interpersonal relationships and and obligations. Not to mention the dentist didn't phone back. Now, I have to clear up whatever other mess there is. And double check that insureance will work.

I feel incapable of preforming normal academic functions or perhaps I was going to make calls that I am afraid to. And thoughts remain thoughts but do not transform into actions. What could pull me out of it?
For one actually tending to things rather than wait might help. But if I hold out long enough some other aspect of my my brain will tick over and put my mind on other matters.

Probabily not the best thing to hope for. And another task that must be done revolves around planning the trip home. And settting up (wishing to) set up the computer her to be loginable from LA. Least, I've worked on some cleaning of the machine.

I'm concerned about finding work. I know I have that CDC job in the fall, and I've improved my web skills a bit more... but other areas are neglected. I haven't even gotten out to that Wireless company... there was no response to any e mails (of course) no one listens to those in job searches apparently.

"Human beings should not be associating with any country"

If it doesn't look good

Web developers alwyas have to mess with bug fixes to catch up old lagging browsers. Wouldn't it be nice to simply say to the end user that they are using the wrong browser? Rather, than to fix up the site for their 'wrong' browser to make the page look good?
Personally, I think a good looking page should look good on the code level as well. And lots of extra browser dependent fixes 'DO NOT' look good.

I wonder...

Are primes important because they are the orthogonal basis for the natural numbers?

Notes Section

The Bio Fuel Hoax Could many tiny remote eyes be merged into one? Using photo stitching software? So each eye doesn't have to have a very high res? Justice in Alabama? Now that is a good idea I always wondered about this problem. My PNG's were never that great when viewed on the PC and now I get it. PNG Gamma Thing Fuel Cells at HSU MoBlogging I wanted to be able to do this on the way down. Funny Funny.
How do you like the page now Daniel?


June 25, 2007

June 25, 2007 Monday 12:19 PM

Cleaning my harddrive is like...
... druging the ocean floor.
you never know what your getting
Till you look

Cleaning my harddrive is like
And archeological dig.
Without the civilization part
Class Today

Class today featured a Registored and professional nurse (the teacher) moving onto a bit of tangent on how non-perscription drugs such as Tylenol when used daily perhaps for years can damage the renal system. I suppose it was a good thing that I always turn down medicines... if I can live without taking it.. than I'm not taking. Course the whole vitamin study thing has got me confused on other aspects of supplements for living.

Eternally Lucid

Lucid Dream Forever?
If you kept the brain tissue alive and made sure to qwell the pain receptors what would it be like? Suppose you had no outside input? Or perhaps just visual input? I sat in class at the very beginning and thought about it. Would it go crazy and still not be able to tell anyone that it wanted off. Would that be hell? Or would it be a lucid dream? ... forever.

Notes Section

Funny Town Names Here's some motivation to call the dentist. (I'm not saying I have it but I'm sure a bit cleaner about things) Dental Abscess


Sub Surface Scattering

June 24, 2007 Sunday Sub Surface Scattering

Two Clicks to a Face Lift

Not an actually lift, but I pressed two extra buttons and suddenly my model had a much more realisitc and soft quality to it. Subsurface Scattering added that brilate touch of realism I always wished I could get and the application along with one of the skin1 presents was astonishing.

End Game Yet?

I've seen so many atrocities in so many forms via documentaries and other what nots. I wonder as time goes by what the final inevitable picture of the world will be? I keep thinking about the dynamic nature of activism. The fact that if one ponders their changing role say if I were to rise through some company would the resulting picture of the world through the information I am to learn change my behavior? And if so.. by how much?

I was viewing the documentary "The Corporation" for the 3 or 4th time but this time with a friend. She was getting up set but I remained some what disassociated with it and with reality for that matter. I suppose the complete picture I get is giving me pause to contemplate what I should really be doing with my time.

I was starting to wonder if this all was a hopeless fight. And perhaps I should change plans. But probably not the one where I have this fuzzy 'don't assume you'll live past 30 or 40' idea I get from time to time. Now there's a tactic.
Assume a shorter live expectancy and then proceed to enjoy the indulgences.

Notes Section

Command J and then check Calculate ALL sizes This should help locate the largest files in which to examine thus increasing the likeliness that you will free space. (slightly rounded break down) 1 GB is 1000 MB 1 MB is 1000KB 1 KB is 1000 bytes 1,000,000,000 Bytes So 1 Gig is 1 Billion Bytes yum



June 23, 2007 Saturday Farewells

Seldom do I bring my models all the way to a nice render. But when I do... I suppose the work can be better appreciated. Though spending more time to learn lighting techniques would help a lot... genearly I'll get one project nicely lit and then copy that project file and use it as I would virtual art cabinet for display purposes.

Lizzie And Joy say good bye to each other.


Best Moment of Day

June 22, 2007 Best Moment of Day

Big Thought of Day

I was thinking about the way faster computers enable us to 'see' aspects of the world more clearly. I began to think about a way to visualize how the increase of speed helps to view more with some sort of sequential graphics. One of the ideas was to use a yafray ray traced scene under different conditions to demonstrate the level of clarity revealed through more and more calculations.

I ran into problems in breaking down the idea into operations per second or total number of steps and how to relate it back to computational theory. So, the thoughts are fuzzy but the premise interests me. The more calculations the better you see BUT how fast, and how many calculations would it take to reveal other things? This was the question that captured my imagination.

How fast, how much for brain analysis? How much to convincingly replicate parts of reality in your brain. How much to process a simulation of your day? Can I make calculations about the calculations to enable me to guess just how much things would take? That is something I'd want to know.

Best Moment of Day

I laid on the bed in the cool temperature of the room. All windows were open and a slight breeze blew across my skin. It was ideallic in the soft light that shown in from the windows. I laid back and took it in gradually while my friend slept beside me. And I began to fall thinking about this moment of the day as so peaceful... so serene. It would rise up there with the other peaceful ones I experience from time to time. Those ones where the world recends and the worries slow to a still.
I save these moments of my life where I simply live.

Notes Section

Female verse Male live web cast room 5 to 7 viewers for female room 0 to 1 for same material in male room And Brown Shirt non control shirt yet What percentage of people will leave if they aren't here for flirtation? SIGGRAPH has come a long way
Other live things


Live my life or yours?

June 21, 2007 Thursday 7:09PM Live my Life or yours? Noise From Above

I re-enter my cozy apartment to the sound of something quite bassy invading from the ceiling. Someone up there enjoys subwoofing almost as much as a dog on a submarine. I fancy the idea of walking upstairs and asking them about it but I think any excuse I give isn't going to cut it. I like to work without noise and so simply covering up the sound with my own isn't going to work to resolve the issue. Outside of that I would normly be most impacted if I was actualy filming a movie and needed a clean soundtrack. I could walk up and ask them to turn down the bass but if I wasn't making a movie.. I suppose that wouldn't be fair.

It reminds me I should place the 'hello neighboors' cards on all the doors to see whom is actually living around here.

Flea on a Dog

I didn't mean to slam the thrill seekers, the fear overcommerings. I was listening to my friend talk about conquring a mountain through the act of climbing or conquring the sea through the act of surfing the waves. And I remarked it was irrational, and that I was more on the side of changing the envirnment as a show of power than simply being in it and doing something with it.

I had used the blantent metaphor of the climber on the mountain conquires no more than the flea that climbs on top of the dog does. It's pretty much a flea on a dog...? I didn't mean to hurt the feelings but the dicsussion lead into my general tendency to degrade what I am not competent in or see worthless.

It's happened with sports too. And if I'm forced to think about it I have to agree that seeing value in any activies beyound the central ones required for life is a matter of subjectivity. And so sports fill the same gap as other hobbies and may even have uses for bonding between members of groups or feeling proud to belong... but my Amygdala still places emotions in my mouth and I still sneer. Even though it appears hypocritical to have my cerebral cortex saying I should feel that sports are a waste my central emotion control is not easily swayed by such logic.

It's nice to know my hypocrisy has logical psychology so no one can say I'm being irrational. (As logical fallacy isn't there)

Live my Life or Yours?

I hate the values being placed on 'living life' actitives. Of course those are the ones like 'get out there and...' go sight see, skee, hike some mountains and what not. Get some risk into your life. Yeah okay, sure. Maybe I should be putting some of 'my life' into my life by demoing the fact I live to my values as best as I can and aspire to get closer. I live by incremintaly building upon and playing higher value on skills and growing projects to change the face of my existance as well as others.

Yeah live. But try not to skqander time speeding down hills. I can understand the family aspects. I can say the built in hormones and chemical puppety strings always have their way with people. But I for one will not be pushed around by those whom have decided 'living life' means doing all their other 'things'

It reminds me of those people whom claim I simply "have to go see the mountain" in person.
"Look at how beatufil it is"
They have already assumed Nature = Beatuy
Couldn't I differ? I've looked at melted bowls of chocolate and vannilla ice cream that look cooler than that mess of rock sitting their annoying me. And there are far fewer mosquito bites involved.

Now I exaggerate to make the point. I don't feel 'that' against the sites... But you get the idea. Put in my Place

I was put in my place by the cell phone dealer guy at the Sprint shop. He made sure to state he was part of the Certified MS Developer after I walked into some sort of mac verse pc dispute. It was sort of a statement of "I'm an expert and your not" I didn't realize as it was happening but later in the car I thought to myself what had happened. (As often as realizing after the fact happens with me)

You HAVE to see what this is about!
READ the part about Verizon Wireless User Interface & Software Petition
I needed a style for notes.
Since I'm trying to seperate 
writings that have a bit more 
thought from that which does not. 

It's simply the other half of keeping this file alive. I make notes about what I find so that I may return to the ideas. Chronologically I can see where concepts first began and how often I returned to them.


Cell Phone

June 20, 2007 Wednesday Cell Phone
Guess what came today?

Note Section

Saw Candice in the store the other day.

Math: Created? Or Discovered? I felt I was failing to get accross my ideas. Then I recently came up with how I really felt... And it's we create chess but we discovered the tactist and boards states that were now possilbe. I think it captures both camps of philosophical thought.

RV with Ellen
Joy On LIve Chat
Face Modeling

Storage Check

The PUrisut of Happieness
The Corperations
Grave of the Fireflys

Ouch. Take that Constitution. But the 'truth' may be different..
Comment from digg article about it..

"If I had to guess, I'd say this guy was probably being a condescending non-conformist prick towards an officer with a napoleon complex. Most likely pushed the cop out of the way, in what he considered to be a non-threatening manner, and the cop who was embarrassed in front of his partner over-reacted, as napoleon complex cops typically do.

Did the guy deserve to be tased? No way. Did he act in the calm and restrained manner that is portrayed in the article? No way. The truth likely lies somewhere between his story and the cop's story."

But how will everyone know in the future?
Course someone mentions this...
"You *can* see both sides of the stories... on the right side there are links to the photo evidence and POLICE NARRATIVES. How is that biased?"
Oh my god that is funny.


Some Days Just Want to be Bad

June 19, 2007 2:46 PM Some Days Just Want to be Bad

I try to prevent them but they just keep trying. I try to forget about the feeling of a teacher singling me out in class to add some theatrics to her frustration of lack of attendance. Least that's my theory. I try to forget the fact it made me uncomfortable for the remainder of the class and then some when we go out for the gardening demo and the presenter bitingly reminds me the plant name is in the packet.

Yeah I wasn't in the best mood after leaving... and it tainted the feel of getting to walk through the new Behavior Science Building. BSB for short I suspect. I walked while trying to shrug off those feelings I had acquired during class. Not really possible entirely... But once I was there...

I looked up at the new mason work and sleek boxy look. I don't believe I'd be able to describe the place fully as I was simply impressed by the 5 stories and great view I found on the top floor overlooking all of Arcata and then some. It's my new favorite place. I thought to myself. The view beat Founders Hall by a mile. And from that stand point one can see up over the trees and feel like your important.

This is a view. I thought while standing and leaning over the railing a bit. This is the sort of outdoor patio I like. Having slab of wood surrounded by forest at ground level didn't cut it for me. If I want to be outside I'd better get a fantastic view. And that's final.

I remarked to myself about how this building was the one stop shop for all my graduate needs. If only this wasn't the final year. This place housed philosophy, mathematics, computer science and psychology... I think. Maybe not psychology and there are certainly other social sciences that fill out the rest of the 5 floors but that is clearly the building to be in. I also started muttering about how this is all in as I leave the school. What a shame. Now I have to do graduate work just to get to be here. It is bond money after all and the way the California system is set up it means students will foot the bill in the future.

After that little cheer up trip I noticed my hip popping out a bit as I walked up some hills back towards my bike. This was not good. I could feel the popping as I walked with one hand on my hip joint and feeling that sinking this is going to be trouble feeling come over me. I had fallen pretty hard at the skating rink a few days ago. And my hip was hit pretty hard.

I try not to let the day be bad as I try to figure out what kind of day I'm having. But I can't seem to place it. As I ride home feeling the wind cool off my face and body I pretend this day is a person continuing to ask to be a bad day. It so wants to. Maybe I'll just let it...

fighting it is such hard work.

Why is this post written better?

I made a note in class that says, "Artistic Moments" and thought about the style of my page deserves better writing even if better writing takes more time. It's the time issue that had me deciding I could merely pick out a few simpler moments of the day and write them. But write them better.

This is not with out trade off. And I still want to use the place for quick notes but why not make an effort while I can? I still need quick notes but I can separate them from the better writing... course this place was never intended for good writing.... I have yet to whip the other blogs into a delightful shape. But that... is a dish best served soon.

From Wired Magizine. "Ultimately, this is about intimacy -- how much of ourselves we're willing to give away to strangers. Personally, I enjoy being able to construct identities carefully in text; that's because I grew up with text as my main online mode. It's possible that the impending generation of gamers will simply find voice chat more natural, in the same way that teenagers today happily blog about their personal lives and post pictures and videos of themselves. They regard personal revelation not as an incursion of privacy but a marker of authenticity."

Quotes from a differnte page... "If you introduce reality into a virtual world, it's no longer a virtual world: it's just an adjunct to the real world. It ceases to be a place, and reverts to being a medium. Immersion is enhanced by closeness to reality, but thwarted by isomorphism with it: the act of will required to suspend disbelief is what sustains a player's drive to be, but it disappears when there is no disbelief required."

I really need to seperate quick notes 
from entry 
from quotations...

and when I 'need' pre tags why not
use when necessary?
What has brought on this beautification process? I don't know but it's still going. Maybe if I do my job rigth people won't bounce off as soon as they enter the site.



June 18, 2007 Edgy New Release verse Recent Release?

I'm in the tape store with my skender fish and we are looking for a particular movie... and not seeing it until we go up to the clerk and ask. Its suppose to be in the New Release section... I thought I was looking in that section.. Appearnlty I'm looking in the Recent Release Section... Oh According to them recent comes before new... go figure.

One of the best moments was seeing Sarah at the Depo and getting to see her new notepad computer while I ate my sandwitch. I got to write using the electronic stylis and was quite impressed at the design. Very nice.

Before I was on my way home.. I very nearly entered the library to find a quantum mech book again.. but decided to wait until I had my class paper done. Which strangely enough is about procrastination.

Currenlty there's too many people around.... it makes me edgy and notice I'm getting hung up on little motion things that distract me. Could it be the Touretic compulsive tendencies flaring again? I wonder why?



June 17, 2007 Sunday Untitled

My journal is looking a little different these days. Perhaps, much more ... shall we say readable? Why yes, I have taken the time to tweak little issues and decided to write with the use of extra html flags and adjust style to fit traditional paragraphs and indentations...
I also found a document that told me justification (while nice in tradiation formats) makes things much harder to read on web pages. Go figure.

What I like the most is that there is a command that indents the first line
text-indent: 2em;
Does the trick and I was happy to see it.

I figure, it was about time I made the page... readable rather than just easy for me to write... You see I add tags as I type my entires and I just didn't want to deal with adding <p> </p> and <br /> as I write but I'm beginning to enjoy the wrapping to page rather than having to scroll. As I'm sure others enjoy a good wrap much more.

The really funny part was someone had thought I took pride in the page... that really wasn't true as I had often grit my teeth at the formating.. It just was a while before I fixed it.
And got off my ass and wrote in the proper html tags

The site that tells me justification is bad.

If I claim to be a web designer I should at least have a site that is designed well enough to make people think I have something to say. So, before I did the whole 'here's how to design a nice page' I need to make my page look good.

I fell pretty hard the other day when I was at the skating rink and it is still a bit sore. I haven't fallen that hard in a long long time. It really woke me up. It reminded me of when I first started to learn to skate on inline blades. I fell pretty hard a lot of times. I was just getting comfortable with it this time adn that is when it happened. I was skating backward and fell. Too fast and too little control.

Let's hear it for the Prefrontal Cortex Did you hear the one about the rail road worker and the metal bar in his head? He was a changed man! And to think that this one bit of brain matter could matter so much. Ouch.

The end of belief in things? Death of Santa
Good or bad... you decide.

This is much more scary... Americas War on Science

I sat nearby while a younger friend was myspacing and then suddenly asked if things were plugged in... They're like, "Yeah, additional plugins required" And I laugh to myself. It's not about the cords plugged in it's about browser plug ins!

What I'd like to do someday

Nice to know ZeFrank has something to say about my paper on procrastination.


By Roads

June 16, 2007 By Roads

By Roads

Sometimes big choices need to be made. And sometimes those big choices come with big consequences. Or at least we often perceive them to be big consequences. Though I feel the world is a deterministic one, I also feel the blindness brought on my the chaos of it all. Chaos isn't really 'chaos' as far as chaos theory is concerned the world follows the rules but that doesn't mean that you will be able to preform all the calculations necessary to give you a picture of the future. In that case, you can only see a few moves ahead at any given point in your life.

Given this lack of foresight choices become scary beasts. And choices about relationships become stormy oceans full of uncertainty and self-doubt. One only has him or her self to look to for the real answers to the questions. Even though talking to those whom are more experienced helps it doesn't not replace the chaos of the world. In which case, I am still alone but maybe armed with a flash light to see a little further in the dark.

In my time, I have often claimed myself to be lacking in the interpersonal communication arena. ... This isn't entirely true as I have found out more and more in the past year and them some. Actually, I have some small skill to spin conversations and amuse those whom spend the time to listen in. The thing I was running from much have been the perceived consequences of what a good interperson I could be. More often, I have spent a great deal of my time finding ways to make a life lived alone manageable.

I suppose fessing up to the facts after so many years of trying to get away from them takes a bit of self courage. It's not that I don't believe I can make a way for myself alone but the fact I didn't think I had much of a choice before... Until now. And that's where the choices arrive. They come to my door and knock a bit harder. Answering them forces me to re-contemplate a couple of things.

I can find someone. I can chose. There are options... but taking them will hurt someone or another. And that was one of the central reasons I've avoided the questions for so long. I had only ever wanted to live a more peaceful life free of the normal dramas that plague what I perceived as the rest of the mass of the population. Still, I am not so sure I'd like to join the ranks of those whom come to the slaughter willingly... but I've often wondered if I could get a better seat.

Even if that means I might fall into the arena.

It is in these times that I contemplate walking down a different road. It's something I should do before to much more time passes as the road isn't nearly as nice to walk down in later years. (So I would think) Regardless, if and when I'm starting to feel like I should walk. If not the whole way.. than just a little bit... to say I did. And to see if I'll keep going.

Tactical Vagueness? It's delightfully cryptic yet a bit artistic. And even if you don't get the full story your left wondering what the full story is.
*byroad - a side road little traveled


Tactical Vagueness

June 15, 2007 Saturday Tactical Vagueness Daniel's Re-Rant

I hear by re-rant for the amusement of others: You need to put forth the evidence and logic of your ideas, otherwise you just come off like an angry hippy complaining about how some "they" is destroying the world. The question is not what the worlds problems are. The question is, why are people not taking the seemingly obvious solutions solutions to them? - Daniel

I'm glad I didn't chuck the router given that it actually worked right away this time. Phew! I can't believe it.. it seems it just all falls into place.

One might say it's a sort of tactical vaguness I use here. It's a bit of a code to jog my memories without writing anything directly. Viewed in that light, it may come off as bad writing but it has a purpose.

I'm worried about my friend again. She's having a hard time. And there isn't anything I can do really.

By the way, the Safari bug really isn't 'fixed' in the way I would like it to be fixed. I just broke down and added <br> tags.

And this time <p> too.


I'm Told

June 14, 2007 Thursday 1:45 PM I'm Told

This place is actually managmed quite well..
so far as anyting written on the maintaince sheet
got taken care of no questons asked.
I was impressed.. and I also was suprised to see
how much fixing the blinds made me feel better.
That half of the room looks much nicer.
I'm glad I was here to get the call.

I've been moving through the old external harddrive
and finding old movies.... that I can convert and
The Missing Essay was fun to watch again.
And I found the Nora iMovie file in which all I
have to do is replace the music and then i can post
that trailer.
I can be cleaning the harddrives off and be giving
myself stuff to post.

Still can't seem to fix the Safari bug.

7:00 PM
Things that need fighting for

and so forth..
Freedom to Photograph
Some good points in this one
Movie Plot Threats

I suppose if your a public figure you should
be public property? Well?
Recorded Search

I'm told

I spent 54 min on the phone with Daniel whom
amoung other things is talking to me about support
for those 'crazy' statements I was making about
teh stock market. (He even mentioned the distaste for
the pre tags which made me think twice about using
<br> tags for the future. ... In theory that
woudl solve teh Safari problem and line up my text
in the column.
... well maybe I will... but I love my textual
journal so much I wish I didn't have to switch.
I mean I've written 99% of it in pre tags.
I can only start from this point on.

Regardless, the real root of the issue
somehow came back to Irrational exuberance in which case the precieved value of
money is 'all in our heads' but that doesn't make
the use of a moneitary system any less useful.

I was also critized for letting my comment lose
audience through carelessness and the fact I
merely post my thought notes with out caring
how people reading it will perceive it.
This is sure to stop any hardy Chris World reader
from contining to read after realizing he's not
really talking to you.

But perhaps it is time to post a disclaimer about
the posts. And the real thought bender was
the question...

Who is my audience?

Well? Who do I write for?
I tried to explain I use this as off site storage
and to expose old ideas to new eyes as
an experiment. But that didn't sound good enough
for him.

Before I type more maybe I'll look into the break tag
Safari fix concept... blaw.



June 13, 2007 Wednesday 3:08 PM Dismantle?

In 3 days we find out if the free world is doomed.

My small slice in it
But get the full story at

It's funny how I get net back... then... I take a look
at this. I hope to keep the net. The way it is.

By the way, I think all corporation should be non profit.
No more 'for profit' clauses.
I don't even think stock holders should be allowed to 
buy and sell ownership. The stock market really appears to me
to be the only socially acceptable form of gambling. 
Sure, businesses need investment capital... but behave
like an owner and just accept the dividends will you

If the stock market is okay should I just sell my job? 
Can workers swap themselves around on you? 

6:54 PM My web page was broken for so long... I was surprised to find a comment about the word wrap problem. It seems Safari ignores the visibility CSS command. I suppose the only way to fix the problem is to increase the width and up the z value. the real issue stems from the fact I write my journal text directly into html aka I write out < a href="some_sort_of_link" code and I tell the computer to save the spacing by using the preformating tags. <pre> and </pre> It's a quick way for me to keep my text looking the way it does in my text file. (where the data always lives on) But unfortunately it doesn't make for good website development. I can see what I can do though. This sort of problem has a complicated history Quirky isn't it? With more searching it seems that Safari plays by these rules Safari CSS In which case I can hunt for tags that should work... and perhaps find the old tags I was using are outdated perhaps? I don't know yet. But maybe... I just don't care about Safari enough in the end.... Course upon closer inspection I find the Safari has just decided to hard wrap the text. ...
One main serius personal flaw is the avoidance of certain things for trivial reasons. I'll stay vague but I'll mention procrastination while I've fought it isn't something that is every completely gone. Musical Hamsters? Someone shoudl dig ths link. My friend from high school now has...


Net Returns

June 12, 2007 Net Returns

The Net Returns!
It does feel better to be able to communicate again.
I was really isolated for a bit.

A few days ago I showed my friend how to 
stop radio signals from reaching her cell phone
by placing it in a metal ammo box.
What I didn't mention was the principles behind
Faraday Cage

I'm wondering if I should just forget the whole ordeal and not post
the text of that week. 
I suppose I could quietly go about the rest of the days and just leave
one long blank in the middle.

Being able to return to the online world helps make me feel
empowered again. Also, a bit more out reached. All that stuff
about a computer that isn't connected is like inward reflection
was getting kind of old.

Will I fill in the blanks... ? I don't know anymore.


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