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Best Moment of Day

June 22, 2007 Best Moment of Day

Big Thought of Day

I was thinking about the way faster computers enable us to 'see' aspects of the world more clearly. I began to think about a way to visualize how the increase of speed helps to view more with some sort of sequential graphics. One of the ideas was to use a yafray ray traced scene under different conditions to demonstrate the level of clarity revealed through more and more calculations.

I ran into problems in breaking down the idea into operations per second or total number of steps and how to relate it back to computational theory. So, the thoughts are fuzzy but the premise interests me. The more calculations the better you see BUT how fast, and how many calculations would it take to reveal other things? This was the question that captured my imagination.

How fast, how much for brain analysis? How much to convincingly replicate parts of reality in your brain. How much to process a simulation of your day? Can I make calculations about the calculations to enable me to guess just how much things would take? That is something I'd want to know.

Best Moment of Day

I laid on the bed in the cool temperature of the room. All windows were open and a slight breeze blew across my skin. It was ideallic in the soft light that shown in from the windows. I laid back and took it in gradually while my friend slept beside me. And I began to fall thinking about this moment of the day as so peaceful... so serene. It would rise up there with the other peaceful ones I experience from time to time. Those ones where the world recends and the worries slow to a still.
I save these moments of my life where I simply live.

Notes Section

Female verse Male live web cast room 5 to 7 viewers for female room 0 to 1 for same material in male room And Brown Shirt non control shirt yet What percentage of people will leave if they aren't here for flirtation? SIGGRAPH has come a long way
Other live things

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