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Cell Phone

June 20, 2007 Wednesday Cell Phone
Guess what came today?

Note Section

Saw Candice in the store the other day.

Math: Created? Or Discovered? I felt I was failing to get accross my ideas. Then I recently came up with how I really felt... And it's we create chess but we discovered the tactist and boards states that were now possilbe. I think it captures both camps of philosophical thought.

RV with Ellen
Joy On LIve Chat
Face Modeling

Storage Check

The PUrisut of Happieness
The Corperations
Grave of the Fireflys

Ouch. Take that Constitution. But the 'truth' may be different..
Comment from digg article about it..

"If I had to guess, I'd say this guy was probably being a condescending non-conformist prick towards an officer with a napoleon complex. Most likely pushed the cop out of the way, in what he considered to be a non-threatening manner, and the cop who was embarrassed in front of his partner over-reacted, as napoleon complex cops typically do.

Did the guy deserve to be tased? No way. Did he act in the calm and restrained manner that is portrayed in the article? No way. The truth likely lies somewhere between his story and the cop's story."

But how will everyone know in the future?
Course someone mentions this...
"You *can* see both sides of the stories... on the right side there are links to the photo evidence and POLICE NARRATIVES. How is that biased?"
Oh my god that is funny.

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