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June 13, 2007 Wednesday 3:08 PM Dismantle?

In 3 days we find out if the free world is doomed.

My small slice in it
But get the full story at

It's funny how I get net back... then... I take a look
at this. I hope to keep the net. The way it is.

By the way, I think all corporation should be non profit.
No more 'for profit' clauses.
I don't even think stock holders should be allowed to 
buy and sell ownership. The stock market really appears to me
to be the only socially acceptable form of gambling. 
Sure, businesses need investment capital... but behave
like an owner and just accept the dividends will you

If the stock market is okay should I just sell my job? 
Can workers swap themselves around on you? 

6:54 PM My web page was broken for so long... I was surprised to find a comment about the word wrap problem. It seems Safari ignores the visibility CSS command. I suppose the only way to fix the problem is to increase the width and up the z value. the real issue stems from the fact I write my journal text directly into html aka I write out < a href="some_sort_of_link" code and I tell the computer to save the spacing by using the preformating tags. <pre> and </pre> It's a quick way for me to keep my text looking the way it does in my text file. (where the data always lives on) But unfortunately it doesn't make for good website development. I can see what I can do though. This sort of problem has a complicated history Quirky isn't it? With more searching it seems that Safari plays by these rules Safari CSS In which case I can hunt for tags that should work... and perhaps find the old tags I was using are outdated perhaps? I don't know yet. But maybe... I just don't care about Safari enough in the end.... Course upon closer inspection I find the Safari has just decided to hard wrap the text. ...
One main serius personal flaw is the avoidance of certain things for trivial reasons. I'll stay vague but I'll mention procrastination while I've fought it isn't something that is every completely gone. Musical Hamsters? Someone shoudl dig ths link. My friend from high school now has...

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