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June 18, 2007 Edgy New Release verse Recent Release?

I'm in the tape store with my skender fish and we are looking for a particular movie... and not seeing it until we go up to the clerk and ask. Its suppose to be in the New Release section... I thought I was looking in that section.. Appearnlty I'm looking in the Recent Release Section... Oh According to them recent comes before new... go figure.

One of the best moments was seeing Sarah at the Depo and getting to see her new notepad computer while I ate my sandwitch. I got to write using the electronic stylis and was quite impressed at the design. Very nice.

Before I was on my way home.. I very nearly entered the library to find a quantum mech book again.. but decided to wait until I had my class paper done. Which strangely enough is about procrastination.

Currenlty there's too many people around.... it makes me edgy and notice I'm getting hung up on little motion things that distract me. Could it be the Touretic compulsive tendencies flaring again? I wonder why?

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Anonymous said...

no, silly! Recent is older than new. but newer than old.


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