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June 26, 2007 I FEEL Bad.

That was for most of the day.. but it got better...
I guess.

Continuing to model this head from scratch. Can't yet seem to get the smoothing down on the skull but I've made lots of progress in my modeling skills anyway.

Rendered out with SSS for that health skin like shine.

Feel bad?

I wish I coudl say I have no idea why. But I think I do. And I think I have inner turmoil. About interpersonal relationships and and obligations. Not to mention the dentist didn't phone back. Now, I have to clear up whatever other mess there is. And double check that insureance will work.

I feel incapable of preforming normal academic functions or perhaps I was going to make calls that I am afraid to. And thoughts remain thoughts but do not transform into actions. What could pull me out of it?
For one actually tending to things rather than wait might help. But if I hold out long enough some other aspect of my my brain will tick over and put my mind on other matters.

Probabily not the best thing to hope for. And another task that must be done revolves around planning the trip home. And settting up (wishing to) set up the computer her to be loginable from LA. Least, I've worked on some cleaning of the machine.

I'm concerned about finding work. I know I have that CDC job in the fall, and I've improved my web skills a bit more... but other areas are neglected. I haven't even gotten out to that Wireless company... there was no response to any e mails (of course) no one listens to those in job searches apparently.

"Human beings should not be associating with any country"

If it doesn't look good

Web developers alwyas have to mess with bug fixes to catch up old lagging browsers. Wouldn't it be nice to simply say to the end user that they are using the wrong browser? Rather, than to fix up the site for their 'wrong' browser to make the page look good?
Personally, I think a good looking page should look good on the code level as well. And lots of extra browser dependent fixes 'DO NOT' look good.

I wonder...

Are primes important because they are the orthogonal basis for the natural numbers?

Notes Section

The Bio Fuel Hoax Could many tiny remote eyes be merged into one? Using photo stitching software? So each eye doesn't have to have a very high res? Justice in Alabama? Now that is a good idea I always wondered about this problem. My PNG's were never that great when viewed on the PC and now I get it. PNG Gamma Thing Fuel Cells at HSU MoBlogging I wanted to be able to do this on the way down. Funny Funny.
How do you like the page now Daniel?

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