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I'm Told

June 14, 2007 Thursday 1:45 PM I'm Told

This place is actually managmed quite well..
so far as anyting written on the maintaince sheet
got taken care of no questons asked.
I was impressed.. and I also was suprised to see
how much fixing the blinds made me feel better.
That half of the room looks much nicer.
I'm glad I was here to get the call.

I've been moving through the old external harddrive
and finding old movies.... that I can convert and
The Missing Essay was fun to watch again.
And I found the Nora iMovie file in which all I
have to do is replace the music and then i can post
that trailer.
I can be cleaning the harddrives off and be giving
myself stuff to post.

Still can't seem to fix the Safari bug.

7:00 PM
Things that need fighting for

and so forth..
Freedom to Photograph
Some good points in this one
Movie Plot Threats

I suppose if your a public figure you should
be public property? Well?
Recorded Search

I'm told

I spent 54 min on the phone with Daniel whom
amoung other things is talking to me about support
for those 'crazy' statements I was making about
teh stock market. (He even mentioned the distaste for
the pre tags which made me think twice about using
<br> tags for the future. ... In theory that
woudl solve teh Safari problem and line up my text
in the column.
... well maybe I will... but I love my textual
journal so much I wish I didn't have to switch.
I mean I've written 99% of it in pre tags.
I can only start from this point on.

Regardless, the real root of the issue
somehow came back to Irrational exuberance in which case the precieved value of
money is 'all in our heads' but that doesn't make
the use of a moneitary system any less useful.

I was also critized for letting my comment lose
audience through carelessness and the fact I
merely post my thought notes with out caring
how people reading it will perceive it.
This is sure to stop any hardy Chris World reader
from contining to read after realizing he's not
really talking to you.

But perhaps it is time to post a disclaimer about
the posts. And the real thought bender was
the question...

Who is my audience?

Well? Who do I write for?
I tried to explain I use this as off site storage
and to expose old ideas to new eyes as
an experiment. But that didn't sound good enough
for him.

Before I type more maybe I'll look into the break tag
Safari fix concept... blaw.

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D said...

Safari bug looks fixed.



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